Norwegian Air Shuttle Salary and Benefits 2017

Norwegian Air Shuttle Salary and Benefits 2017
  • Very interesting. Is LGW a significant crew-base? If so, how does the compensation stack up against (for example) Mixed Fleet crew on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic? Very curious in a comparative sense if British Airways MF are getting a much worse deal than DY crew (as an example).

    • PYOK Admin

      It’s actually quite difficult to compare the two because they are such different contracts. The big problem at the moment is the ongoing BA mixed fleet strike action – an improved pay offer has been agreed in principle by the union but there appear to be other blocks preventing it from being accepted by cabin crew at the moment. It will interesting to see how BA compare against other airlines once cabin crew start receiving the improved pay.
      From having spoken to people at both BA and Norwegian we believe that Norwegian is slightly ahead – normally around £200 extra per month. But again, this is an estimate and can vary quite a bit based on the number of flying hours, etc.