Confirmed: Etihad Won’t Start Recruiting New Cabin Crew Until 2018

Confirmed: Etihad Won't Start Recruiting New Cabin Crew Until 2018
  • Agnieszka Petrus

    Hi, but an announcement appeard on Etihad’s website and LinkedIn profile.. So I’m wondering, do they hire new cabin crew or it’s suspended for now?

    • PYOK Admin

      It’s a bit of a strange one this – Etihad are still advertising the role of cabin crew and you can apply for the position on their careers website. However, the airline has announced that no new cabin crew will join Etihad until 2018 at the earliest. Because of the recruitment freeze, we have found a lot of candidates being rejected at the online application stage – whereas in the past they would of been invited to an Assessment Day. If we receive any further news, we’ll post the information on the website.