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Verbal Reasoning Test

This test checks your ability to understand, analyse and evaluate data from written information.

In this test, you will be presented with statements that need to be evaluated individually. Your task is to evaluate the truthfulness of the individual statements based only on the information in the brief (that is the different data sheets). First, read the statement then select and look at the data sheet needed to evaluate that statement.

Then, evaluate the statement. Select TRUE if the statement is absolutely true given the information contained in the brief. Select FALSE if the statement is absolutely untrue given the information contained in the brief. Select CANNOT SAY if you cannot say, without further information, if the statement is true or false based on the information contained in the brief.

Please Note:

  • The test includes 23 tasks.  You will be given 10-minutes to complete these 23 tasks.  Most people cannot complete all 23 tasks in 10-minutes.
  • The test cannot be interrupted once you have started it.
  • The test requires you to work quickly and accurately.
  • The information on the data sheets will not change during the test.
  • Each statement relates to only one data sheet.
  • The test will end automatically after 10-minutes.  You can stop the test before this if you have answered all questions.
  • The time will start to count automatically when the first task apearson the screen.

When you’re ready, click ‘START TEST’ below.  The test will open in a pop-up.  We recommend, enlarging the box to fill the screen.  START TEST