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Did You Make These Resume Mistakes in 2016?

Did You Make These Resume Mistakes in 2016?

It turned out to be a tough year for cabin crew recruitment in 2016; many airlines hired less crew than in the last few years and some even started to make staff redundant.  At the same time, competition has got even tougher with more and more candidates vying for a limited number of positions.  As a candidate, you need to have the very best resume and application to get through the recruitment process.

Now, a survey from Acountemps, a human resources consultancy firm has shed some light on the biggest resume and job application mistakes of 2016.  This is a great opportunity to look into the mind of a professional recruiter as they provide a rundown of the mistakes they see the most – the mistakes that could see your application being rejected immediately.

Dianne Hunnam-Jones, the Canadian president of Accountemps said of the results: “Job candidates most likely to land the role are the ones who can demonstrate how they will provide value and contribute to company goals from day one,”

So, what are the top resume mistakes in 2016, as picked by the professionals:

1. The resume is not customised for the job being applied for (33%)

2. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes (24%)

3. The resume focuses on duties and not accomplishments (21%)

4. The resume includes irrelevant information (21%)

Okay, so those are the biggest resume mistakes of 2016.  But how should you avoid making these errors to create a perfect application?  Accountemps provided their best advice for the New Year:

  • Only provide facts that the employer will be interested in.  Keep your resume concise.
  • Proofread your resume – Just one typo could put an end to your application.
  • Honesty is always the best policy.  Exaggerating your experience is not acceptable.
  • Research the company and include what you know into your cover letter and interview responses.
  • Improve your online presence.  Remove any posts from your Facebook or Twitter feeds that would be deemed unprofessional or unseemly.


Prepare your cabin crew resume for 2017:

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