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How to Ace the Group Exercise at Your Cabin Crew Assessment Day 2017 – In Four Easy Steps

How to ace the Group Exercise at your Cabin Crew Assessment Day 2017 - tips and advice
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  1. Jasmine Loh says:

    Hey there, I am aware that I am required to bring along these documents :
    1 x CV
    1 x passport photocopy
    1 x passport photograph taken in the same dress code mentioned above (without glasses).
    1 x full length photograph taken in the same dress code mentioned above (without glasses).
    1 x photocopy of your highest education certificate (in its original language is fine).

    However, what if I do not have passport photograph taken in business attire and the full length photograph? Is it compulsory to provide during both the Open Day and Assessment Day? Can I provide the photos online later on via Qatar website? Thank you in advance!

    1. PYOK Admin says:

      Hello Jasmine, I’m sorry for the late reply to your question. As a minimum, you will need a passport sized photo in business attire. The full-length photo is rarely asked for at the Open Day and can normally be submitted on the Qatar Airways recruitment website at a later date but you should be prepared to have this just in case. You don’t need to have a set of professional photographs taken and good results can be achieved with a decent smartphone.

      1. Jasmine Loh says:

        Hi, thank you for the reply! I just went the Open day and submitted my CV. But I did not get the invitation to the Assessment Day :/ Some interviewers said to wait for email by 7pm tonight but mine did not tell me. Should I still wait for their email or should I just try again next time ?

        1. PYOK Admin says:

          Hi there,
          Jasmine, unfortunately, we have never heard of Qatar Airways contacting anyone who has been told that they’ll receive an email or phone call at the end of the Open Day. We don’t know why Qatar run their Open Day’s like this – it’s an apparent scam to leave candidates with some sort of hope and get them to leave the Open Day without incident.

  2. Syed Reza says:

    I have applied for my passport but not in hand can I go for the event?

    1. PYOK Admin says:

      Yes. You can still attend an Open Day – simply explain that you are simply waiting for your passport application to be processed. At this early stage, recruiters will understand and should you be successful, they’ll explain what you need to do.

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