Etihad Cabin Crew Recruitment – Step-by-Step Process 2020 [NEWLY UPDATED]

Etihad Will Be Holding Cabin Crew Recruitment Events in London, Manchester and Dublin in January 2019
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  1. Joanna April Lumbad says:

    is there available in the Philippines for interview?

    1. PYOK Admin says:

      Thanks for the question. We still don’t know whether Etihad will be visiting the Phillippines anytime soon. The recruitment team have advertised just three Assessment Day’s (London, Casablanca and Johannesburg) – it’s a great start but there’s still some way to go. You’ll have to submit an application online so you’ll need t decide whether to apply now or hold on to see what happens in the coming months.

      1. Quincy oni says:

        Please is there a chance for nigerians ?

        1. PYOK Admin says:

          Hello there, this is a really good question but one that is difficult to answer. There are some Nigerians working at Etihad but the numbers are low. Unfortunately, because of the current recruitment situation at the airline, it is making the situation very difficult for people who represent many different nationalities. We’re still trying to find out more about what is happening with the current recruitment campaign so watch this space!

  2. Saurabh Sharma says:

    What about Etihad having an assessment day in India?

    1. PYOK Admin says:

      Hello there. Unfortunately, it’s not looking very promising at the moment. As you are probably aware, Etihad cancelled four Assessment Day’s that they had planned in August. There’s no indication when those AD’s will be rescheduled. It could be some time before an AD is held in India but we’ll be keeping a close eye on developments and will post any updates as soon as we hear them. I hope this is of some help.

      1. Saurabh Sharma says:

        Thanks a lot. Just wanted to confirm one more thing, i.e. Does Etihad Hire Indian Nationals as Cabin Crew?

        1. PYOK Admin says:

          No worries at all. Yes, Etihad does hire Indian nationals as cabin crew – India is a really important market for Etihad (in fact, it’s the airline’s biggest market). It’s important for Etihad to employ cabin crew who represent their passengers and truly understand their needs. We anticipate Etihad to continue employment Indian cabin crew in the future.

  3. Jean O. says:

    Are they gonna be holding an assessment day in London?

    1. PYOK Admin says:

      Hello Jean,
      Etihad has announced that there will be no cabin crew recruitment for the remainder of 2017. We will have to wait until recruitment restarts to know where the Assessment Day’s will be held – however, we’d be extremely surprised if London wasn’t one of the initial locations.
      More details can be found here:

  4. Keh Michelotto says:

    could you please clarify for me if Etihad does or does not recruit brazilians any more since they took Sao Paulo flights out of their routes in march2016?

    1. PYOK Admin says:

      This is a really good question! There are Brazilian cabin crew at Etihad but the point you make is one certainly to be looked into. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to know at the moment as Etihad isn’t recruiting anyone until next year. When Etihad did advertise (and then cancel) several Assessment Day’s earlier this year, there were none planned for Brazil. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t expect a South American AD to be a priority for Etihad but this is certainly something we’ll look into.

      1. Keh Michelotto says:

        thank you for your attention 🙂 I really hope they don´t give up on us

  5. Juli says:

    Hi! Yesterday I received my invitation to the assessment day. The message said:

    “Once a space becomes available on an Assessment Day that is in one of the cities you chose as your preference, an invitation will be sent to you with the details. Alternatively if you have seen advertised a particular Assessment Day that you would like to attend, please email the date and location to
    If we are unable to accommodate your city preference within 6 months of application, your details will automatically expire.”

    I don’t want my application to expire, so, what is exactly my alternative to wait here? Do I just have to wait for them to tell me there is an assessment day in the cities I selected? Or how do I know if there is one in another part of Europe that I can go? I haven’t found any assessment days for 2018, so… when would I be able to know about them and in which website?

    Are there going to be Assessment days on 2018 for sure??

    Thanks for your help! This article has been very useful!

    1. PYOK Admin says:

      Congratulations! That’s great news! Unfortunately, you will have to wait until Etihad advertise new Assessment Days. In the past, Etihad advertised all available AD’s on their recruitment website and you could email the recruitment team to attend the AD of your choice (dependent on availability). We don’t know, however, whether this might change when recruitment restarts. The latest information we have is that Etihad will restart recruitment in 2018. There’s still speculation when it will restart next year with some sources saying it will be in the first few months and others saying that it will be pushed back. It must be an incredibly frustrating position to be for you but I would suggest you keep a close eye on the Etihad recruitment website for advertised AD’s. We’ll also post any updates on our website.

  6. Chenelle Maloney says:

    So I applied two days ago and the website said please attach a “full length photo” and “passport copy” I attached a full length photograph and a copy of my passport page as I assumed that’s what they meant,can anyone clarify?

    1. PYOK Admin says:

      Hi Chenelle,
      This is something in the Etihad application process that is really ambiguous. We’ve used both passport page copies and passport style photos in test applications – both were successful. However, we suggest using a passport style photo.

  7. PYOK Admin says:

    Yes! Absolutely – did you have any luck with your online application?

  8. Bella says:

    I’ve applied online few days ago and I still didn’t receive any of answers from them yet. Not even rejection email or positive one.
    What should I think of this situation?

  9. Hello Regina,

    Unfortunately, we haven’t received any information about what nationalities Etihad is targeting at the moment. As you are no doubt aware, the needs of Middle East airlines can frequently change. We know both Etihad and Emirates did reduce the number of Filipino’s recruited in the last couple of years but we remain hopeful this will change.

  10. Kitosho Siz says:

    Is there any chance for Tanzanian ?

    1. PYOK Admin says:

      Hello Kitosho,
      It’s actually very rare for Etihad to visit Tanzania but that’s not to say you wouldn’t be successful at all. You have to submit an online application and if shortlisted you can choose to attend an Assessment Day in a city of your choosing. However, at the moment Etihad don’t have any AD’s scheduled and unfortunately, we don’t know when they plan to organise anymore. We would suggest submitting your application online once you are ready so that if you are shortlisted you can considered for an AD as soon as the next one is arranged.

  11. popi says:

    i applied for the cabin crew position a month ago but my submission was unsuccessful. i have 3 years experience as a cabin crew in Ethiopian airlines. i submitted the application 15days before the unannounced assessment day on etihad official website.
    i don’t understand the rejection weather comes from my late submission or a
    ATS .
    But i e-mailed to the recruitment office and they respond i am more than welcome to resubmit after 6 months.

    1. PYOK Admin says:

      By the point of which you applied for the role, unfortunately, the two Open Day’s were already full – at which point, getting shortlisted for a future Assessment Day does become very hard. This may still be an ATS issue so it is definitely worth reassessing your resume. I’m really sorry to hear you weren’t shortlisted on this occasion. It is such a frustrating experience – we speak from experience and sometimes there really is no logical answer. Keep on improving, keep on working and keep on applying!

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