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Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment: If You’re Applying from Russia, Here’s What You Need to Know

Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment: If You’re Applying from Russia, Here’s What You Need to Know

Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment: If You're Applying from Russia, Here's What You Need to Know

Eagle-eyed followers of where Emirates is holding cabin crew recruitment events may have noticed that the airline will be visiting Russia twice in June.  Recruiters are set to hold Assessment Day’s in St. Petersburg and Moscow on 7th and 9th June respectively for pre-selected candidates  – a rare opportunity indeed.

However, Russia-based candidates won’t get an invite to attend one of these events if they applied via the official Emirates careers website.  Instead, the airline uses a local recruitment partner who conducts the pre-screening and shortlists candidates for assessments and interview.

Global Vision is the Russian company which has partnered with Emirates.  Based in St. Petersburg, the company works with a number of hospitality companies to recruit Russia-based job seekers for overseas jobs.  Other partners include Intercontinental Hotels and even the world-famous Atlantis Hotel in Dubai.

It’s worth noting that along with currently accepting applications for the Emirates cabin crew position, Global Vision also says it is filling positions in a number of hotel businesses in Dubai at the moment.  The company also conducts cabin crew recruitment for Qatar Airways.  The reason both Emirates and Qatar Airways partners with this agency is likely down to Russian law governing the recruitment of expat workers.

The application process, however, is a little different than Emirates’ in-house process.  If you are currently applying from Russia, you’ll need to visit Global Vision’s official website and download an application form which comes in Microsoft Word format.

Or, you can download this copy here.

You’ll then need to email your application form, along with two colour photo’s to the following email address:

Photo Requirements:

You’ll be expected to submit two colour photographs with your applications – Global Vision says any application which doesn’t have photos attached will be rejected.

  • One passport-style photo which measures 3 x 4 inches
  • One full-sized photo which measures 9 x 12 inches

In both photo’s you should be wearing full business attire.  Global Vision stipulates a white blouse/shirt, along with a dark coloured jacket and skirt/trousers.  You should also have a wide but natural smile in both photos.

Minimum Requirements:

The minimum requirements remain the same as the standard ones stipulated by Emirates, but as a reminder:

  • Minimum age of 21 years old
  • At least 160cm tall
  • Able to reach a height of 212cm
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English
  • Educated to at least High School / Secondary level
  • No visible tattoos

The Assessment Day

Emirates rarely visits Russia so this is quite a unique opportunity – although the relationship with Global Vision may indicate that the airline plans to come back at some point soon.

The actual Assessment Day will be very similar to the normal Emirates process with airline employed recruiters leading the day.  The whole process should take just one day with shortlisted candidates having their Final Interview on the same day as well.

Bottom Line

If you happen to live in Russia then there’s nothing to stop you from visiting another country to attend an Emirates Open Day.  However, if you plan to apply online, then you’ll need to go via Global Vision.  If you’ve sent in an application via Emirates’ careers website then you might be referred to Global Vision but this is very rare.

Russia isn’t the only country where Emirates has to go through a local recruitment agency, with Japan and South Korea being notable examples.  However, Emirates hasn’t had any Open Day’s in Asia since recruitment reopened several months ago (a planned Assessment Day in Tokyo was subsequently cancelled).

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