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Netflix is On The Hunt For Flight Attendants to Work On a Fleet of Private Jets Owned By The Streaming Giant

Netflix is On The Hunt For Flight Attendants to Work On a Fleet of Private Jets Owned By The Streaming Giant

Netflix is on the hunt for its very own flight attendants to work on a fleet of Gulfstream Mid-Size private jets capable of carrying up to 19 passengers.

The streaming giant has just posted a job ad for flight attendants at its in-house Aviation Department, which is based out of San Jose International Airport in Northern California. Netflix flight attendants can earn up to $385,000 per year, according to the job listing.

Netflix operates a fleet of private jets for its high-flying senior executives, including the Gulfstream G550, which can cost as much as $41 million for the latest model. The aircraft has a maximum range of around 12,500 km, and the cabin interior can be specced out with comfortable recliner seats or even full-sized beds.

The ‘Stranger Things’ maker says the right candidate will be “professionally trained in cabin and passenger safety”, as well as aircraft emergency evacuation. Unusually, Netflix doesn’t stipulate whether the right candidate should already have experience as a flight attendant for either a commercial airline or in private aviation.

The Netflix recruiters are, however, looking for someone with “discretion and outstanding customer service skills”, as well as someone who is organized enough to purchase all the required food and beverage stock needed for each trip based on the requirements of the discerning passengers.

Netflix flight attendants are trained to FAA standards and must be comfortable working a “varied work schedule” with frequent trips across the United States as well as internationally.

In its annual accounts, Netflix says it permits key executives, as well as their family members, to use its fleet of corporate aircraft for personal use – a benefit of working for Netflix.

In 2021, co-chief executive officer Reed Hastings was responsible for more than. $442,000 worth of private jet use. Meanwhile, chief operating officer Greg Peters was responsible for around $308,000 worth of private jet use.

Netflix says the Aviation Team “helps Netflix reach the world more efficiently and effectively so the company can continue to create joy around the world.”

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  • Don’t they also use their corporate jet fleet to move equipment and staff to and between production locations? Given how some of their contracted international filming locations can be off the beaten track, can’t say I’m surprised they want a flying fleet to try to save time.

    Not sure if it’s the same for Netflix as for some of the major traditional film studios in the country, but there is some talent that has very peculiar demands even when far removed from home and those catering to the talent sometimes even have to use helicopters to bring in items to cater to the tastes of the talent a the filming sites.

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