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Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment – The Complete Guide And Step-By-Step Process 2021

Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment – The Complete Guide And Step-By-Step Process 2021

Update: August 2021

Emirates recently opened up registration for new cabin crew opportunities as of August 2021. Please note, the airline is not yet actively recruiting new cabin crew and will initially bring back cabin crew that were made redundant as a result of the pandemic.

You can now register your interest by creating a profile and uploading your resume on the Emirates Group Careers website but do not expect to immediately hear from the recruitment team.

Landing a job as cabin crew with Emirates is no easy feat – thousands of candidates from around the world submit their resumes to the Dubai-based airline every month.  Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of those aspiring cabin crew will ever receive the so-called ‘Golden Call’ inviting them to join the airline.

If you’re desperate for your application to stand the very best chance of success, you probably don’t want to encounter any nasty surprises in the recruitment process.  Luckily, with our vast experience, insider source information and through real-world testing, we can tell you exactly what happens and what to expect.

Check out the following step-by-step guide to find out more about the updated Emirates Cabin Crew recruitment process.  We’ll keep this post updated with all the latest developments.

The Background

A little history

There used to be two ways to submit a Cabin Crew application for Emirates.  Either by completing an online application or by turning up at an Open Day.  But in December 2016, Emirates suddenly stopped accepting new applications and halted any further Open Day’s.

The airline had been forced to suspend recruitment as it dealt with a pretty serious financial situation, and while the recruitment team couldn’t say when they would start hiring again, they did announce changes that would be made to the recruitment process.

Instead of holding Open Day’s, Emirates said it would only accept online applications and would then use on-demand video interviews to shortlist candidates.  Those shortlisted candidates would, in turn, be invited to attend invite-only Assessment Day’s.

Photo Credit: Emirates

The current situation

Emirates experimented with the system in November 2016 and rolled out the new-look recruitment process in early 2018 when airline management gave the green light to start hiring new cabin crew.

Unfortunately, we very quickly heard of technical issues with the new system and while recruiters did manage to hold some invite-only Assessment Day’s, they very soon moved back to an Open Day style recruitment approach.

At the start of 2020, Emirates was holding Open Day’s in cities around the world.  However, in some locations, candidates have to submit their application in advance – either via the official Emirates recruitment website or with a third-party recruitment agency in order to be considered for an invitation-only event.

As the pandemic struck, all recruitment was quickly suspended and it remains to be seen how Emirates will recruit new cabin crew when the application process is reopened.

Make your choice – Open Day or online application

You now have three ways to submit your initial application to become Emirates cabin crew:

In some countries, (such as Ukraine, Russia and Japan for example) you may have to apply via an appointed third party agency.  More details can be found here.

Due to the volume of applications that have been submitted online, it may take some time before you hear back from the recruitment team.  In the past, Emirates said any application older than 6-weeks should be automatically regarded as unsuccessful.

Photo Credit: Emirates

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 21-years old (at the time of joining the airline*)
  • Minimum height of 160 cm / 5’3″ (no maximum height limit)
  • Able to reach at least 212cm / 6’9″ – You are allowed to achieve this while stood on tiptoes (there is no minimum or maximum height requirement)
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English (Although fluency in other languages will be a definite advantage)
  • Educated to at least High School level
  • Physically fit and a confident swimmer
  • No visible tattoos or piercings while in Emirates uniform (Neck, arms, wrists, hands and legs from knee to foot)

*You must be at least 21 years old when you join Emirates but recruiters will normally accept and progress candidates who will turn the minimum age within 3-6 months.

As well as these minimum requirements, Emirates also says it looks for recruits who are “positive, confident, flexible, friendly and very keen to help others.”  We also know that recruiters place a lot of importance on empathy, anticipating the needs of passengers and going the extra mile.

You should prove that you are a responsible and professional team player, who takes safety and security seriously.

Other Requirements

We’re often asked whether Emirates has other requirements that aren’t necessarily advertised, such as:

  • Maximum age
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Language skills

While we’ve reached out to Emirates and asked them to clarify these points, they’ve refused to provide additional information.  However, our sources say that in fact there are some minimum requirements which are never spoken of – which includes a maximum age limit (currently believed to be 31) and nationality restrictions.

However, it’s really important to note that Emirates does not provide a definitive answer on these points and therefore, the very best we can do is speculate using intelligence from trusted sources.

Did Emirates Really Warn Cabin Crew They Face Disciplinary Action for "Facial Enhancements"?
Photo Credit: Emirates

Current Opportunities

You can either apply for the role online via the official Emirates Group Careers website or by attending an Open Day in any available location.  The full list of current recruitment events can be found here.

Any costs incurred to travel to an Open Day are at the expense of the candidate and will not be reimbursed by Emirates.

Photo and Document Necessities

What you need

You’ll need the following items for your online application:

  • A copy of your updated resume in Microsoft Word or PDF document format.
  • One full-length photograph in full business attire
  • One passport size photograph in full business attire
  • One full-length casual photograph
  • One half-length casual photograph

For an Open Day, you’ll need the following:

  • A copy of your updated resume
  • One photograph in professional business attire – either passport copy or full-length

Photograph Standards

  • You should be wearing professional business attire (including a jacket and tie for men).
  • Stand facing straight on towards the camera, hands down by your side (not held together).
  • You should be smiling with a large but natural smile (ideally showing teeth).
  • To be taken against a white backdrop.
  • For the casual photos, you should wear a plain t-shirt or blouse that shows your arms and casual but smart trousers such as well-fitting jeans or chinos.

The full-length photograph should be sized: 6×4 inches (15×10 cm).  The passport-sized photograph should be sized: 45×35 mm (1.77×1.37 inches).  You can view the official Emirates photograph standards here:

The official Emirates photograph standards

Online Applications

Depending on where you live or other personal circumstances, there is an option to submit an online application via Emirates’ official recruitment website. If you choose this option, you might receive one of three possible responses:

  1. You are shortlisted to attend an Assessment Day
  2. A generic email is sent asking you to attend an Open Day
  3. You are asked to take part in a pre-recorded video interview as part of the initial selection process

Emirates has experimented with fully-automated video interviews on several occasions and not all candidates are asked to complete this stage. Further information about video interviews can be found here:

The Open Day

An Open Day is a way for you to find out more about the role of cabin crew and what working for Emirates is like.  Recruiters will introduce you to the company, explain what life is like in Dubai and offer you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

If you are still interested, you can then submit your resume and within the space of an hour or so, the recruiters will post a list of all the lucky candidates who have been shortlisted to take part in an Assessment Day.

Open Day or CV Drop Off Event?

There are two types of Open Day currently been run by Emirates.  The first is a CV Drop Off Event where you can attend the Open Day venue at any time between 9am – 4pm to submit your resume and photograph.

Depending on how busy the event is, you might be asked a few questions by the recruiter.  For example:

  • Why do you want to be cabin crew?
  • What do you know of Emirates?
  • What do you think the role of cabin crew is?
  • Tell me about yourself?

If successfully shortlisted, a recruiter will contact you – either by phone or email to inform you about when and where the Assessment Day will be held.

The second is a traditional Open Day where you must attend the venue at the time shown.  These events typically start at 8am or 9am.  The results will be posted the same day and the Assessment Day will typically take place on either the same day or the day after.

OSM Aviation Open Day’s

Emirates holds some recruitment events in partnership with OSM Aviation – a large cabin crew recruitment agency.  In some locations, OSM Aviation will be holding Open Day’s, CV Drop Off events and Assessment Day’s on behalf of the Emirates recruitment team.

These have all been clearly marked in the ‘Current Opportunities’ table above.

Think twice before travelling overseas

We’ve already said that you can attend an Open Day in whatever location is available but for the time being at least, you should carefully think about this option before committing yourself.  In some cases, we have seen Open Day’s cancelled without notice – although these situations have become less common over the last 12-months.

Generally speaking, if the venue of the Open Day has been announced (ie. it doesn’t show as “to be confirmed”) there is a very good chance the recruitment event will go ahead as planned.

In some cases, Emirates uses an Online Video Interview for its Final Interview.  Instead of attending an in-person Final Interview, you may be invited to schedule an Online Video Interview which will take place several days or weeks after the Assessment Day at a time that is convenient for you.  More details on this are below.

Emirates Launches its Refreshed Boeing 777-200's - Roomier Business Class but Still No Direct Aisle Access
Photo Credit: Emirates

The Assessment Day

Choose a date and location

Emirates organises Assessment Day’s in locations where they have identified a need for a particular type of crew member – such as nationality or language skills.  If you need to travel overseas to attend an Assessment Day, then Emirates will not be able to reimburse you for any expenses incurred.

Remember, that Assessment Day’s are ‘invite only’ events – these are not advertised widely and you shouldn’t travel to one unless you’ve been specifically told to attend.

What happens at an assessment day?

Assessment Day’s are a popular recruitment method that are used to screen a large number of candidates.  The day will be made up of a number of elements used to test your suitability for the role of cabin crew.  In the past, Emirates recruiters have cut candidates at several points of the day – this is likely to continue in the future.

Although daunting, there are some very good ways to prepare for an Assessment Day and maximise your chances of success.

To find out more about Assessment Days, we would invite you to read this in-depth article.  We’ve included lots of details about what to expect, the different elements involved and what the recruiters are looking for: How to Ace the Cabin Crew Assessment Day 2017 – Tips and Advice.

The Final Interview

Unfortunately, the majority of candidates who attend an Assessment Day won’t be invited to Final Interview.  The competition is extremely tough so making it to this stage is a really big achievement.

The interview will normally last between 25-40 minutes.  We expect, future Final Interview’s to be held on the same day as the Assessment Day. However, in the past, the interview has sometimes been scheduled for the next day or a mutually agreed later date.

We are also aware of a new Online Video Interview which is being trialled in some locations.  This will be especially helpful for candidates who have travelled overseas to attend an Open Day.

You’ll receive an email with a link to schedule an interview at a time that is most convenient for you.  The interview can be accessed on Windows and Apple operating systems, as well as on most mobile and tablet devices.  All you need is a webcam and a good internet connection.

You’ll need to treat the Online Video Interview as you would an in-person Final Interview.  Dress in full business attire and find an appropriate location that is quiet, well-lit and free of clutter.

Competency-based interview

The interview will be made up of competency and behavioural based questions.  You’ll need to have examples from your previous work experience that prove you possess the skills, qualities and competencies that the Emirates recruiter is looking for.

It can take time to gather the evidence and become comfortable with your answers.  You should, therefore, prepare for the Final Interview at the earliest opportunity.  Our best interview technique is the SOAR method – We’ve included lots of details here to help you best prepare: SOAR to Success at Your Cabin Crew Final Interview

What Does it Really Take to Become Emirates Cabin Crew... And Why 30% Fail
Photo Credit: Emirates

Personality Testing

Emirates uses a special online personality test for candidates who have reached the Final Interview.  The test should take about fifteen minutes to complete.  It’s designed to filter out unsuitable applicants and predict which candidates will perform best in the role

How to prepare

The system used by Emirates isn’t like a traditional personality test such as the Predictive Index or Myers-Brigg assessment.  It’s specifically tailored to what Emirates is looking for in its future Cabin Crew.

Although you should be yourself and answer the questions truthfully, there are effective ways to best prepare for the test.  We developed an article, alongside input from cut-e, the company that supplies the Emirates personality test that will help you through this stage: How to Ace the Cabin Crew Online Personality Test

The Golden Call

What deciding factors are used?

The methods that the recruitment team use after the Final Interview are a closely guarded secret.  However, we know that they’ll assess your performance throughout the whole recruitment journey to make their decision.

This includes the original resume you submitted, your performance at the Assessment Day and how you performed in the Final Interview.  Recruiters will also assess the photographs you submitted – as well as two ‘casual’ photographs that you’ll be asked to submit at this stage.

The call

The recruiters will also use a number of other criteria such as language skills, nationality, gender and age.

These decisions are based on the needs of the airline at the time your file is submitted.  There are lots of rumours about this stage but we’ve cleared up the top myths in this helpful article: True or False? The Cabin Crew Recruitment Rumours that Won’t Go Away

If the central recruitment team approve your selection you’ll receive a telephone call from a recruiter – known as the ‘Golden Call’.  If you’ve been unsuccessful, an autoresponder ‘regret’ email will be sent to you.

Medical Testing

Submit medical report

You’ll need to submit a medical report from your doctor based on a questionnaire supplied by Emirates.  You only need to do this once you’ve received the ‘Golden Call’.

Cabin Crew medical standards are governed by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) in the UAE.  However, the minimum medical requirements required for Emirates Cabin Crew surpass that of the GCAA.

If you have any concerns you should discuss this with your recruiter at the Final Interview.  We’re currently working on an article about GCAA medical Requirements.

Joining formalities in progress


If your medical results are satisfactory you’ll receive final confirmation from the Emirates recruitment team.  Access will be granted to a special section of the Emirates Group Careers website.  In this section, you’ll find details about your course start dates, travel arrangements and allocated accommodation.

Any questions?

Comments on this post are now closed – Please visit our Forum and if your question isn’t answered, start a new topic and we’ll find the answer for you!

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  • This is really insightful. Thank you. Please will you be posting Emirates recruitment for Cabin Crew in Nigeria for the 2017. I don’t want to miss a chance.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. it’s so good to hear such amazing feedback.
      It’s an interesting question about Emirates recruitment in Nigeria. The Nigerian government has recently criticised Emirates as they allegedly don’t have very many Nigerian staff at all. As you are aware, Emirates aren’t recruiting any new Cabin Crew at the moment. However, we’ll be keeping a really close eye on this and will post more details as soon as we have them.

  • Oh my goodness .. this information is so usefull… You won’t believe but I am felling glad to get aware about the current status of Emirates because , even I was depressed as I was applying for the job and no response was coming !! But now I am felling happy . 😉 and its really insightful . thank you so much . please will you be replying Emirate cabin crew requirements in India ?!.. Please please please …. I just don’t want to miss the chance , and I guess 2017 cabin crew (Emirates ) test was done during the month of January ??? If so please let me know next requirement test dates .

    • Hi there, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. It’s really great to hear that you’ve enjoyed this post. Okay, so Emirates recruitment is still not active and the airline hasn’t given any indication of when that might change. The airline recently updated its recruitment website which gave us hope that it might be soon BUT the latest we hear is that the wait could be a little longer still. As soon as we hear anything we’ll be sure to post an update.

    • Hello once again. No worries. In reply to your first question, all applications will be made online. We will then have to wait and see which countries and cities Emirates choose to visit to hold Assessment Day’s once recruitment restarts. This will largely depend on what nationalities, Emirates needs to recruit first.
      In terms of qualifications, you need some form of High School qualification. This is normally awarded at 16 years of age dependent on the country in which you went to school. Emirates can be quite flexible as long as you have shown you have a level of education up to High School standard.

  • OK . so it largely depends on which nationality cabin crew Emirates wants . if they need Indians , they will prefer India for there assessment day . right ? But are there any percent of Indians in Emirates cabin crew ? and did they ever had any assessment day in India ? And I am an Indian . for example if they had their assessment day in Europe , then I need to catch a flight to Europe ?

    • Very much so. The good news, however, is that Indians are one of the most represented Cabin Crew nationalities at Emirates – after all, India is the airline’s biggest market. Emirates has held Assessment Day’s in India many times before and I have no doubt they will be coming back to India soon after recruitment restarts. But there wouldn’t be anything stopping you from travelling overseas to another country where Emirates is holding an AD.

  • Hello, Thank you for keeping us updated and I hope you don’t mind answering the following questions if you know. I am in New Zealand male and wondered if Emirates hires New Zealanders? Also, do you know if there is a maximum age that would make it difficult to be hired…I am 32? Also, is it harder for males to get hired or are they looking for 50/50 male and females?

    • Hello there and thank you so much for taking the time to leave a message. And no, I definitely don’t mind answering any questions as best as I can. Emirates have plenty of New Zealanders in their Cabin Crew team and there’s no reason to believe this will change in the future (although they normally favour certain nationalities depending on their needs at the recruitment stage). Your age ‘shouldn’t’ be a problem – Emirates doesn’t have an official upper age limit and plenty of people of your age have landed a job with Emirates – but it is less common. Finally, ladies are favoured over male candidates. I don’t know the exact ratio but again it will depend on their needs at the time. Any additional skills or languages spoken will give you an added advantage. I hope this is of some help.

  • Hello , I’m from South Africa and I would really love to join
    Emirates cabin crew , I hope it won’t be too late by the time they
    Start recruiting as I’ve just turned 30.

    • Hi there,
      Try not to worry too much about your age. 30 is plenty young enough to still get the job with Emirates – Highlight how youthful, fit and healthy you are – but also how your maturity and depth and breadth of experience is a fantastic asset.

  • hello there! thank you so much for information its good for me to prepare my photos from now. i have a question a few days ago maybe around 10 days ago when i entered emirates career website it was different and now it is changed , and i could see the online application process which i could apply , but now new website shows there s no cabin crew now , am i late or 2017 emirates cabin crew reqruitment not yet started ?

    • Hello there. Don’t worry. You haven’t missed anything. Although the careers website has been updated, emirates aren’t recruiting at the moment. We are still waiting to hear further information for when they might start accepting applications again.

  • Thank you for the information. Please kindly notify when emirate is recruiting cabin crew from Nigeria. Thanks.

    • Hi! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Unfortunately, Emirates aren’t recruiting at the moment but once they start again, they will only be accepting applications via their careers website. We still don’t know when the application process will start again.

  • Hi there and big thank you for the useful and detailed article !
    Hence I have a question concerning the recruitment of experienced staff. I wanted to confirm with you about the so called “agreement ” among Middle eastern airlines that says for example that Qatar Airways former cabin crew have to wait one year before applying for Emirates . Is this still applicable ??

    • Hi there. That’s a really good question and I’m not quite sure how it will work in practice now that the UAE has severed diplomatic ties with Qatar. Unfortunately, neither Emirates or Etihad has every publicly confirmed or denied this longstanding rumour. However, I do know of at least one ex-Qatar Airways FA who was hired by Etihad within 6-months of quitting QR. Just to be clear – the agreement was always to prevent Qatar Airways staff from running off the Emirates or Etihad due to issues they had in retaining staff at the moment. So, going the other way or between Etihad and Emirates isn’t a problem.

    • Thank you for stopping by! Unfortunately, Emirates are still not recruiting any new Cabin Crew at the moment and it may be some time before they start the application process again. As soon as we get further information we’ll post it on the website. It might also be a good idea to sign up for email job alerts on the Emirates careers website.
      I hope this is of some help.

  • Hi!Thank you for the information but i can’t seem to find the email job alerts on the updated Emirates careers website.Any help?

    • Hi there. You need to log in to your account and then navigate to Your Account. You’ll then see an option called ‘Correspondence’ which will allow you to set email alerts. I hope this helps!

  • Hi! I was involved in an automobile accident 5 months ago and it broke my front tooth in half. i cant afford to pay a skilled dentist now but could i still apply? also I’m Nigerian, does this reduce the my chances of scaling through? thanks

    • Hi there. You’ve probably seen the controversy about Emirates recruiting Nigerians as the government as criticised the airline about this in the past. Emirates insist they do hire Nigerian cabin crew although it’s true to say they are under-represented. Of course, Emirates aren’t recruiting anyone at the moment so it will be interesting to see what happens they reopen recruitment. Although Emirates does offer dental services for successful candidates you will need to be in a position to smile without the damaged tooth being too obvious.

  • Hi:thank you for the information but I have a question is it possible to apply for emirate even though currently I am working as a cabin Crew for another African airlines

    • Yes. Absolutely! Emirates accept applications from candidates with previous Cabin Crew experience and there are plenty of serving EK Crew who switched to Emirates direct from another airline. You’ll have plenty of skills and experience that will be invaluable but you also need to prove you are absolutely committed to Emirates – their brand, ethos and way of doing service, etc.

      • thank you do I have to apply now or after the vacancies are out…

        • Unfortunately, Emirates aren’t accepting any cabin crew applications at the moment. We hope the process will open up in the nex few months. We’ll post information as soon as we receive it.

    • Hi there. Sorry about the delay. No, unfortunately, Emirates aren’t accepting online applications at the moment. We’ll update the website as soon as we get any further information!

  • Hi, I am Cambodian and I’m seeking for a cabin crew job with Emirates. Emirates used to announced to hire a cabin crew from Cambodia since 2008, but later on, it is seen there is no updated announcement of hiring from my country areas anymore . so, I wondering how could I join emirate cabin crew group? and is there any challenges if I apply for assessment day to other country? Thanks.

    • Hello there. The bad news is that it’s not just Cambodia where Emirates isn’t recruiting anymore – the airline has a worldwide recruitment freeze. Emirates stopped recruitment last December and we still don’t know when recruitment will restart. However, the good news is, when recruitment reopens you can only apply online. That means you don’t have to wait until Emirates visit your country! I hope this is of some help. Cross finger Emirates will restart cabin crew recruitment soon!

      • Thank you so much. I just heard Emirate will open the flight route between Dubai-Phnom Penh -Dubai in this early July. so, hopefully it will be a chance for recruiting some Cambodian. And I’m wearing glass, will it be a cause?

        • Yes. Absolutely – Emirates recruit crew based on the needs of the route network so their expansion with an additional Cambodia route could be a positive thing for you! It’s not a problem if you need eyesight correction but in uniform, you’ll be expected to wear lenses.

  • Hi! I am from Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), and would like to know if Emirates also do hire cabin crew from Cote d’Ivoire because i have never heard about any assessment day in the country

    • Nor have we! Unfortunately, even an airline like Emirates can’t visit every country to hold an Assessment Day but that’s not to say that there aren’t cabin crew from Cote d-Ivoire working for Emirates. Once the new application process is up and running you would have to select an Assessment Day in a country most convenient for you. Travelling costs would be at your own expense. I hope this helps!

  • Hi. Still no online applications accepted?
    Found this while browsing–>National Cabin Crew Programme (U.A.E. Nationals Only) -160000UY

    ..So should we already create an account ?

  • Hi there,
    First of all thank you for the detailed article and for being very responsive to comments and question.

    I am French and currently living in Spain. Do you know if Emirates ever conducted assessment days in the Barcelona region and if yes, do you think I could attend this session even though this is not in my home country?

    • Hello Ben,
      Emirates have conducted Open Day’s and Assessment Day’s in several Spanish cities (including Barcelona) in the past. It’s likely that Emirates will visit Spain again in the future. You don’t have to be from the country in which the Assessment Day is held. When the recruitment process restarts you will have to submit your application online. Once shortlisted you will be able to choose to attend an AD in whatever country is most convenient for you.
      I hope this helps!

  • Me, Anila Afroz 19 from remote area Chitral Pakistan desirous of being a cabin crew in Emirates. Have recently completed my higher secondary (12 years College studies). Indeed having most of the required features in me, daily Check the employment in Emirates and hope to apply on line if and when Emirates reopens the employment.
    Is it possible for me to apply with the given age and qualification as a female candidate.

    • Hi there Anila,
      For all Middle East airline’s you have to be at least 21 years of age when you join the company. Unfortunately, this means you are a little too young to apply for Emirates at the moment but you don’t have to wait until you turn 21 before submitting an application. The recruitment process can take some time and they allow for this with younger applicants. I know this is disheartening but remember that Emirates aren’t recruiting anyone at the moment so just make sure you keep working to get great experiences and skills that will help you in the future.

    • Hello Anila, I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. Unfortunately, the minimum age for cabin crew at most Middle East airline’s including Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways is 21 years old. Having said that, some airline’s will accept candidates if their 21st birthday is coming up within 6 months. At the moment, both Emirates and Etihad are not recruiting cabin crew. We expect the process to restart close to the end of the year.

  • Hi everybody! How can I find an Open Day in Frankfurt? I would like to apply for Emirates. Thanks, Anna

    • Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately, Emirates still aren’t recruiting any cabin crew. We expect the application process to open later this year – and then only via online applications. We’ll post more details as soon as we hear anything.

  • From Cali, I was just wondering would there be a chance that the location of the assessment day would be in southern California?

    • Hi there! Well, despite some setbacks, the U.S. is still an important destination for Emirates – and they’ll certainly be looking to build their route network in the region in the coming years. That means the airline will be looking for native American cabin crew as well. Of course, everything is up in the air at the moment – We think the recruitment process will restart close to the end of the year but nothing is yet confirmed. Once Emirates start accepting application again, we’ll have a better idea of where they plan to conduct Assessment Day’s. Emirates has visited California (as well as other locations throughout the U.S.) in the past and it’s likely they’ll return at some point.
      I hope this helps.

  • Hello everyone,
    I’m 24 and I’m living in Spain Barcelona, and I’m a strugler I’ already have done my Cabin Crew Licence in Spain and Right. I woould like to know about how many times Emirates opens Invitation venue last time was in 2014 and I attended but I failed in first day..I think because I was very young that time, there will be any other time Invitation venue?? if there will be so Emirates will send me invitation again? or tehere will problem because I attended and failed in past?
    I have a friend and if he has a experience in coustumer service hospilitity between 5-6 years and without high education otherwise he is studying should he can apply?? or attend a Emirates recruitment venue?

    Please could you give me a answer, in Urgent?? and every year Emirates has a Open days,recruitment prosses , invitation,,,,, in spain??

    • hey there! Parece que no entendiste el post, porque están explicando que ya no habrán open days, emirates ha cambiado su manera de reclutar personal para tripulante de cabina. Ahora todo sera por internet, tendras que enviar algunos documentos que estan detallados arriba, ademas de un video para que puedas ser evaluado o evaluada y luego te puedan invitar a un assesment day y es ahi donde tu podras escoger la fecha y lugar que mejor te acomode para las entrevistas. Tambien menciona que por ahora Emirates no esta reclutando personal, lo mas problable es que recien a partir de finales de este año 2017 retomen el proceso. Yo te recomiendo que vayas perfeccionando tu ingles, para que puedas tener exito en la entevista, te deseo muchos exitos.

  • Hello! I am of age (21), live in Dubai and would like to know whether or not Emirates is accepting applications at the moment! Thank you.

    • Hello Teresa,
      I’m so sorry about the delay getting back to you! Unfortunately, Emirates aren’t accepting applications for cabin crew at the moment (apart from UAE nationals). Emirates stopped recruitment in December 2016 and we hope they will start their process again soon. However, depending on who you believe this might still be some months away. We trust this to be around October or November but will update the website as soon as we hear more news.
      I hope this helps!

  • hey i am 19 years old .live in bangladesh i would like to know that can get this job in bangladesh

    • Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Emirates start the recruitment again process before we know whether any Assessment Day’s will be held in Bangladesh. At the moment we don’t have any further news but we’ll be sure to update the website as soon as we hear something new.

  • Hey, I am 22 years old and from India. Are Emirates expected to be hiring over here at some point of 2017?

    • Hi Nathan, that’s a really good question – unfortunately, we can’t offer an answer at the moment. We are confident that Emirates will start their recruitment process by the end of the year but whether they hold an Assessment Day in India is another question altogether. However, India is a really important market for Emirates so there’s every chance they will be looking to recruit Indian cabin crew.

      • Great! Just one more question, would I be able to check this website for updates on the recruitment processes not only of Emirates but other airlines as well?

        • Of course! If we get an update, we’ll post it on the website. We try to keep up to date with the recruitment practices of as many airlines as possible but primarily focus on Middle East, Australian and North America.

  • Hi, do you think there’s any chance for someone from Manila, Philippines to get accepted? I always check back on your page to check if there’s an update regarding recruitment. Thank you for all the helpful info on your site 🙂

    • Hello Elena,
      Thank you for your comment. At one time, Filipino’s were one of the top nationalities for Emirates cabin crew. We did report on a rumour earlier this year that Emirates had decided only to hire Cabin Service Attendants (responsible for the First Class shower and spa) from the Philipines but that was a long time ago. Sadly, we won’t know for sure until the recruitment process gets underway. Lots of things are being discussed but everything is subject to change to the point at which hiring really starts.
      I hope this helps.

  • I can’t find my comment anywhere so again, if I want to apply in 2018 and my passport expires in 2019, will that be a problem during the recuitement process please? thank you.

    • Hello there. Oh, I’m really sorry – not quite sure what went wrong there! On to your question – No, that’s not a problem at all. You’ll be able to apply for a new passport at your country’s consulate or embassy close to the 6-month expiry mark. For cabin crew, your embassy will allow you to keep your current passport. The transition is very easy. I hope this answers your question and apologies for the problem you faced posting your question.

  • Hello
    Am Dorcas from Ghana and I would like to know if I can apply for job with Emirates no matter the country it is when they start recruiting? And please will Emirates recruit in Ghana? Thank you.

    • Hello Dorcas,
      Yes, you will be able to apply for Emirates cabin crew, no matter what country you are from, when recruitment restarts. Unfortunately, we don’t know whether Emirates will hold any Assessment Day’s in Ghana as this will depend on the airline’s needs once the recruitment process restarts. I hope this helps!

  • Hello. I am from Philippines. Will there be any recruitment day in Philippines? Thank you.

    • Thank you for your message.
      Unfortunately, we don’t yet know whether Emirates will hold Assessment Day’s once they restart recruitment. In the past, Filipino cabin crew have been really important for Emirates so there’s every chance that they will visit the Philipines to hold a recruitment event. For now, however, we’ll have to wait and see. If we hear any more news, we’ll be sure to post it straight away.

  • Hello,my name is Asmaa and am living in dubai i would like to know when will be the assessement day in UAE as i wont able to find any online informations about it.thanks!

    • Hello Asmaa,
      At the moment, Emirates aren’t recruiting cabin crew. They officially stopped recruitment in December 2016 (although many people who passed the Final Interview going back to around May and June had their job offers rescinded as well). We expect recruitment to start in the second half of this year although an exact month or date is still unknown. We hope to share some more positive news with readers soon.
      I hope this is of help. Keep checking back as we’ll be sure to share any updates.

  • Hello,
    I am from Czech Republic but I live in England at the moment and I would like to ask If it would be better to apply from my own country or from England. And also what are the chances for someone from Czech. Thank you

    • Hi Nikola,
      Cabin crew from the Czech Republic are well represented at Emirates so your nationality shouldn’t be a barrier in this case. Of course, Emirates do select crew based on what nationalities they need at the time but we won’t know whether this could be an issue until they start recruitment again. As the application process is being moved to online only it shouldn’t matter where you apply for the position. However, historically, Emirates have conducted a lot of Assessment Day’s in the UK so this might be an advantage for you.

  • Hello,
    I’d like to apply for Emirates cabin crew, I’m german.
    Unfortunately I cant find any possibility to apply – on the site of Emirates there is “no search result” for jobs. Someone help?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Lana,
      Last December, Emirates suspended cabin crew recruitment and they haven’t yet announced when they will start accepting applications again. A few months ago the Emirates careers website was updated and redesigned but they haven’t made it clear that they aren’t actually recruiting at the moment. However, we expect recruitment to begin again in the next few months – although we’ll provide an update as soon as we hear anything. I hope this is of assistance!

  • Hello!
    I would love to apply for Emirates cabin crew!
    What is the maximum age limit?

    Thank you.


    • Good question Melissa,
      Emirates don’t advertise a maximum age limit and if you were to ask them, they would say there is no upper age limit. However – we know that the older you get, the more difficult it becomes to land a job with Emirates. Generally, you shouldn’t find any barriers up to age 30. It becomes slightly harder each year thereafter. That being said, there are plenty of cabin crew who started with the company aged 34, 35 and even 36.
      It will be interesting to see whether the new recruitment rules have any effect on this when the hiring process restarts.
      No matter what your age, it is always worth submitting an application – even if you’re not successful on the first, second or third attempt.
      The very best of luck!

  • Good day I am from South-Africa and i want to apply for Cabin Crew. how do I go about the process? Where do I apply? Is there a website or something?
    Please advise
    Thank you kindly

    • Hello Angie. I’m so sorry for the delay in replying to you. The official Emirates Group careers website and cabin crew page can be found here: http://www.emiratesgroupcar
      Once recruitment restarts, applications will only be accepted through this site.
      However, Emirates aren’t recruiting new cabin crew at the moment. We expect the process to restart in the next few months. As soon as we hear further information, we’ll be posting updates. I hope this helps!

  • Hi. Thank you so much, your website has been very useful! Question, I had jobs in the past (I worked as a waitress/bartender, receptionist for a small resort, tutored our neighbor’s kids on weekends) but don’t have certificates for them because they were partime or less formal jobs, would it be fine if I include them as well in my work history? I’m currently working in customer svc and I could provide an employment certificate for when needed but I think these past jobs will help as well when I get to apply for emirates. Thanks in advance, I’d appreciate your response.

    • Hi Pauline,
      Yes, this won’t be a problem at all. You’ll need a reference for your current (or last) job but otherwise, it’s incredibly rare for Emirates to check any other references. You might be asked to provide an address or phone number for past jobs but the recruiters understand this isn’t always possible. If you feel this experience will highlight your skills, then definitely include it on your resume!

  • Hi there, do you know if Emirates recruits Americans? I’m from the U.S.A. and I would love to be a cabin crew with Emirates, but I’ve never heard or know of any Americans being hired as flight attendants with them.
    Thank you

    • Hello Sophie,
      Absolutely! There are both American and Canadian citizens working as cabin crew for Emirates – early last year, the airline did hold some Assessment Day’s in North America although they were never as common as those held in Europe. The U.S. is an important market for Emirates and recruiters hire cabin crew who reflect their passenger profile. Once Emirates start hiring again, I would highly recommend submitting an application.

      • Awesome, thanks for your answer! I also don’t live near a major US city, so I probably cannot attend an open call. Will submitting my application online give me an equal chance as someone who goes to an open call? And should my photos be professionally done, or can I take them myself/ask a friend to take them for me?

        • Hi Sophie,
          Unfortunately, Emirates aren’t recruiting at the moment – we hope this to change by the end of the year and will post any updates as soon as we receive them, Once recruitment restarts, Emirates won’t be holding anymore Open Day’s so you’ll need to initially submit an online application. Once you’ve been shortlisted, you’ll be invited to an Assessment Day at a city of your choice. This should hopefully make the recruitment process a lot fairer and transparent. I hope this helps!

  • Hi! My name is Stacey. I’m from Tanzania. I was wondering if there will be recruitment in Tanzania this year? I’m currently in Sweden for holiday and will be heading back home in four weeks time. While I’m still here, would it be possible for me to make an appointment to the headquarters of Emirates in Sweden and see if I stand a chance of getting a job as cabin crew while I’m here? If it’s possible, could you please guide me to the right contacts. Thank you

  • Hi! My name is Stacey. I’m from Tanzania. I was wondering if there will be recruitment in Tanzania this year? I’m currently in Sweden for holiday and will be heading back home in four weeks time. While I’m still here, would it be possible for me to make an appointment to the headquarters of Emirates in Sweden and see if I stand a chance of getting a job as cabin crew while I’m here? If it’s possible, could you please guide me to the right contacts. Thank you

    • Hello Stacey,
      Unfortunately, Emirates aren’t recruiting new cabin crew at the moment. We don’t expect this to change for the next few months – hopefully, they will start hiring again by the end of the year. Once recruitment restarts, you will only be able to apply via an online application – so it doesn’t matter what country you are based in. Once you are shortlisted, you can choose an Assessment Day in a country of your choice (based on the options available).
      I hope this helps!

  • Hi, I’m Hirish from mauritius. I want to apply for cabin crew post any suggestion how to proceed. i possed a cabin crew certificate awarded by IATA .

    • Hello Hirish,
      Is it Emirates that you are specifically looking at?
      As you are probably aware, Emirates aren’t recruiting new cabin crew at the moment but we hope this will change in the next few months. Your qualification will be really good but to maximise your chances make sure you work really hard to highlight the desired ‘qualities’ that Emirates is looking for in their cabin crew. Spend a lot of time perfecting your resume and if you find any gaps in your skills or experience make efforts to gain those skills – such as volunteering or taking more courses.
      We’ll know more about the recruitment process soon and we’ll post more information at the earliest opportunity.

  • Hallo my name is Dinda and I’m from Indonesia
    I want ask you some question. I from Indonesia then I want join this cabin crew, and my question is may I join this cabin crew? Because I’m from Asia, can I join this cabin crew (flight attendant)
    Thank you

    • Hello Dinda,

      Yes, absolutely! Although Emirates aren’t recruiting any new cabin crew at the moment, when recruitment does restart you will be able to apply for this role. Emirates sponsor people from all over the world to work as cabin crew in Dubai – your nationality is not a barrier.

  • Hello, My name is Bouchra Cherkaoui from Morocco, I am now in Dubai UAE holding a 1 month visit visa, My question is … If I can join in cabin crew? Because I am interested to work as flight attendant.

    • Hello Bouchra. I hope you’re having a having a great time in Dubai and have found your feet in this amazing city. Unfortunately, options to become cabin crew in Dubai are very limited at the moment. Emirates aren’t currently hiring (expected to restart by the end of the year) and flydubai have stopped accepting new applications for their recruitment process. Etihad, just down the road in Abu Dhabi won’t start recruitment until next year.
      Once recruitment restarts, all three airline’s will only accept online applications and then visit cities around the world to conduct Assessment Day’s. However, whilst you’re waiting it might be an idea to seek employment and sponsorship somewhere else in Dubai. One word of caution – Getting another type of job at Emirates isn’t any guarantee that you can transfer to the cabin crew position once recruitment restarts. The very best of luck!

  • Hello there, can I still attend the Qatar open day if i’ve not been invited? Thank you very much in advance! Cheers!

    • Hello Jasmine. Yes, absolutely! Always check the Qatar Airways careers website first but nearly every Open Day is open to all to attend. You can find the dates, times and locations on the recruitment website. Make sure you take the required documentation with you!

      • Oh, I meant I submitted an online application and I was told that I’ve not been invited. Hence I assume I failed the application? Thanks for your quick response!

        • Hello Jasmine, sorry for the confusion. Yes, you can still attend an Open Day. Whether you are selected to go through to the AD will be the decision of the recruiter on the day – not your online application.

  • Thanks for the inept knowledge shared. But how true is this information and why has emirate not posted this on their website.A quick response will be deeply appreciated .Thank you.

  • Good Evening, my name is Tuipulotu Victor and I’m from Fiji which is located in the Pacific Islands. I am interested in joining the fly emirates flight attendant. Is there any possible way that I can join the Fly emirates cabin crew?

    • Hello Isa. I’m really sorry for the delay replying to you. As Anthony pointed out, yes abolustely, you can apply to join Emirates as cabin crew. At the moment, Emirates isn’t recruiting any cabin crew but when the recruitment process restarts you’ll be able to apply via the Emirates careers website. We don’t yet know when recruitment will reopen.

  • Good evening.i’m Mahbuba from BANGLADESH. I am interested in joining the fly emirates flight attendant. Is there any possible way that I can join the Fly emirates cabin crew?

    • Good evening! As soon as recruitment reopens, you’ll be able to apply via the official Emirates recruitment website. Until that point, there are no other ways to become a flight attendant with Emirates. We still expect the recruitment process to reopen by the end of the year but we’ll post more information as soon as we hear news!

  • Good Evening. I have been working with Dubai Taxi Corporation for more than 3 years. Also I worked with Al Jaber Security Company as Customer representative with CCTV operating. I am 32 years old. Is there any opportunity to work with Emirates to get a chance to work with my best capability.

    • Hi Salah,
      I’m so sorry about the delay in getting back to you. As you may have read, Emirates aren’t currently recruiting cabin crew. We initially predicted recruitment would restart by the end of the year although we are now adjusting our estimate to the start of 2018. Your age shouldn’t be a problem and your experience will be really helpful. Make sure you highlight your customer service skills in your resume and focus on writing a resume that is really impactful. If possible, have your resume and applications photos ready as soon as possible so that there is no delay when recruitment finally restarts.

  • Hello, I am from Nigeria and would love to join Emirates Cabin Crew, are there any restrictions as I only hold a Nigerian Passport.

    • Hi Rennie, I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Emirates ‘sponsor’ their cabin crew to obtain a UAE work visa – as such there isn’t any ‘restriction’ for anyone from any nationality including Nigeria. However, we have been told in the past they Nigerian’s aren’t very well represented at the airline. Obviously, Emirates aren’t recruiting new cabin crew at the moment and we don’t expect this to change until the new year now.

  • Good day! I’m from Philippines and I really would love to join Emirates Cabin Crew. But I don’t have much work experience for I am still a college student. I’ve read that they don’t really require you to have a college degree/masters as long you are a high school graduate of K-12 curriculum then it is qualified enough to apply. The thing is in our country K-12 was just recently implemented, 2 years after I graduated high school. Our previous system was the 10 years of basic education, thus k-12 doesn’t really apply to me. I am 21 years of age, 3rd year engineering student and 2 years left to graduate. However I don’t see myself ending up w/ that profession, to be a cabin crew is what I truly dream of. This being so, I think it is kind of impractical to continue my degree I believe. And so it possible for me to apply w/ this kind of situation?
    Thank you and hoping for your immediate response.

    • Good day and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Emirates require a minimum of High School education to apply for the role. You do not need higher education and this will not go against you.

  • hello sir
    im Ali from lebanon .
    Please let me know if you allow me to enjoy all the specifications you mentioned previously for the flight crew or flight attendant, but I am 39 years old but I enjoy the activity and rush to work. Will age be an obstacle to my job or is there an exception? cause till this moment Wait for the opportunity to apply
    thank you sir
    have a nice time

  • Hi, I’m from Fiji and have already passed the first step of training here with our local airline. (ie..swimming, height and weight). Also , i worked as a crew for a helicopter company with experience in passenger handling and ground handling with dangerous goods certification. Can i apply as a crew for emirates from Fiji?

  • Hello Shadab,
    Its great to hear from you.
    The age limit with Emirates starts at 21, being 25 of age will certainly not harm your chances.
    so keep your CV up to date and good luck for your next step.

    • thanku so much for ur kind reply can u tell me exact date of when will the recruitment process starts?

      • A very good question! Unfortunately, we don’t have the answer and in fairness, we don’t even think Emirates yet knows when it will restart recruitment. We initially suggested it would be in the first few months of 2018 but a recent rumour suggested it might not start until the second half of next year. We’ll definitely be monitoring the situation closely and we’ll update you as soon as hear anything new!

  • Hi guy. I come from Viet Nam.Can you tell me when to recruit flight attendants in Vietnam?
    I’m 25 year old.l can i still apply for cabin crew position in 2018 for emirates?

    Please reply me…

    • Hello Max,
      Thanks for getting in contact with us. At 25 years old, you’re in the perfect age band to become Emirates cabin crew. At the moment, we’re still waiting for Emirates to reopen recruitment. Only at that point will we know what countries Emirates will be targeting first. Please don’t worry about your age however – this isn’t a barrier to getting the job.

  • Hi my name is Michael and I’m from Northern Ireland, I wanted to ask you. I have a serve hearing loss which I wear 2 Cochlear Implants and I am an excellent communicator with experiences in both hospitality and airport sector as customer service and bar staff at a hotel. I have always wanted to be cabin crew and I have looked high and low for information on cabin crew with hearing loss as can they be employed by the airline as they cannot discriminate disabled potential employees. I wanted to ask you what is Emirates and GCAA view on this will they take onboard cabin crew who is deaf or hard of hearing. I have applied with easyJet in the past and was successful in interviews and assessment days and I failed in the last hurdle in the medical which I had to perform a hearing assessment in a simulated aircraft cabin whilst wearing a smoke hood. Just to sum up what is Emirates or GCAA or any airline point of view hiring cabin crew with hearing loss and what is your advice on this,
    Many thanks and looking forward to hearing your response.

    • Hello again,
      We’ve tried to find out more information about this from the GCAA but we haven’t received a definitive answer. However, we’ve spoken to a couple of contacts and unfortunately, it’s doubtful whether Emirates would accept your application. Despite claims to the contrary, Emirates is known to discriminate for a variety of reasons. Obviously, this isn’t confirmed and we would still encourage you to submit an application once the recruitment reopens.

      • Thank you so much for trying to find as much information as you possibly can about this and I certainly will keep trying.

  • Hi. I’m from thr Philippines and I’m 21 years old, 5″5 in height. Where cab i find the online application and can i apply now?

  • Hi! My name is morelle, I’m from ivory coast and I’m 22 years old. I wanted to ask you if Emirates recruit flight attendants in ivory coast? I really would love to join Emirates cabin crew

  • Hi Admin, This blog has all the helpful information for those who want to reach their dream with Emirates. I have never experienced living in the Middle East and Dubai sounds like a really fun and great city to live in. I really hope to be one part of the Emirates to help growing the company but unfortunately, Emirates aren’t accepting application right now and no one seems to know when they will restart recruitment again. I live in Canada at the moment and I’m reaching 30 year old in the year coming. I’m wondering if there is a maximum age they will accept to become an Emirates flight attendant?? and one more question please, What is the best way to check if they will restart recruitment again??


  • I am 37 and would love to join as cabin crew,Is age an issue to join in as cabin crew?

    • Hello there,
      The answer is complicated – age can be an issue but it’s not a complete barrier, at least not at Emirates. The airline does prefer to hire younger crew but we know of older candidates who have succeeded at Emirates. That being said, Emirates isn’t currently recruiting and unfortunately, we don’t yet know when they might start hiring again.

      • Thank you for your reply.Does Etihad or Qatar airways have an upper age limit for cabin crew?

        • Neither airline publishes an upper age limit – however, the same rule applies. Generally speaking, they prefer younger candidates but more mature applicants can on occasion succeed

    • Emirates recruits cabin crew of varying sizes and heights. While there is a minimum height requirement for safety reasons, there is no hard and fast rule for a maximum height or minimum body weight. We know of Emirates cabin crew who are much taller than 6ft tall who have been hired. If you have any concerns, however, you could mention these with a recruiter once the hiring process has restarted.

  • Hi P’Yok
    I’m quite short actually. My height is 151 centimeters but i’ve got 765 for TOEIC is that fine?

  • Good day. I heard from sources in South Africa that Emirates prefer to take on cabin crew who have not yet undergone training or worked as a cabin crew member before. Is that correct? Currently I am considering training in our country for our internal flights.

    • Yes. This did use to be correct to a certain extent – although there have been plenty of cabin crew hired throughout the years who had previous experience in the field before joining Emirates. Interestingly, Etihad who had a similar policy, have actually been shortlisting more candidates who have previous experience of late. We could well see Emirates taking the same approach when it reopens recruitment to everyone in the next few months.

  • Hi there, lately there’s a rumor about Emirates open recruitment for all nationalities, i found this direct link from, and somebody said that this link is refer to those who ON HOLD status back in 2016. could you find the information about this? this is so confusing.

  • Hi! Thanks for all these information. You’ve been a really good help to us cabin crew aspirants. Currently, I’m on the process of completing the requirements through the online application and there’s just one thing that really bothers me. I’m 5ft 2inches (157 cms) and I’ve been doing yoga & working on flexibility exercises for quite sometime now. I’m pretty sure I should be able to reach the 212 cms during the assessment day. BUT on the website, it states that they require a height of 160cms. Im so worried. If I can reach 212cms, will it still be a problem since I lack 3cms in height? Thanks a lot!

    • Hello Sharmaine,
      Many airlines have a minimum height requirement – as stated on the Emirates careers page, this is to ensure you can reach emergency equipment like smoke hoods, oxygen and medical equipment. I know that European airlines are VERY strict in this regard although Emirates have in the past been a little more lenient. Unfortunately, 3cm is quite a big gap but I would suggest submitting your application, continuining with your yoga and stretching techniques in order to make the grade. I’m sorry I couldn’t provide a more positive answer!

      • Hey, thanks! I’ll be working on my flexibility more. I just started doing yoga for a week and I can almost reach the 212 cms arm reach! If I continue to do so, maybe I can surpass the 212cms? Im excited! And yes, I’ll still proceed with the application. Thanks much! xx

  • Hello
    I am currently working for Ryanair
    I completed my initial and conversion training at November 2017
    Could I apply for Emirates? Or there is a minimum experience of 1 year?
    I am 27 and I speak Greek, English, German, Russian
    I really want to work for an international company as Emirates…What is your advise?

    • Hello and many thanks for your message.
      As long as you have 1+ year(s) experience in customer service or hospitality then you are welcome to apply for the Emirates role. There is no requirement to have a minimum amount of flying experience although I’m sure this won’t hurt your chances! Make sure you’re really laser-focused on the qualities that Emirates is looking for in its cabin crew. Wishing you the very best of luck!

  • hi i really wanna join emirates. it has been my dream. i have all the qualifications except for the one year experience in customer service. i am still in college studying human resource management can that affect my application please help… anyone?????

    • In the past Emirates didn’t stipulate a need for at least 1+ years of customer/hospitality experience so clearly this is a big change. It is a minimum requirement so you might have to think about the different ways you can achieve this… For example, any part-time or voluntary work you have done in the past. Think of any contact you have had with ‘customers’ – and by customers, we mean anyone you have served. If you are still struggling then your application might be rejected.

      • i was on internship in a national hospital in our country and i got to deal with a lot of people especially from different cultures and nationalities since i was under human resource management can this help????

        • Definitely! It’s all about the way you present the evidence – this is clearly great customer service experience. The very best of luck!

  • Hi i really wanna join emirates. it has been my dream. i have all the
    qualifications except for the one year experience in customer service. i
    am still in college studying human resource management supposed to graduate early July can that affect
    my application please help… anyone?????

  • Hello
    I have 2 questions
    First when it comes to the pictures can I wear a suit with pants instead of a skirt? I know that they require this outfit specifically because it kind of resembles the Emirates uniform but I don’t have it right now to get the picture and I don’t want to miss the deadline
    which brings the second question, is there is a certain deadline?

  • Hi everyone! Has anyone tried to apply yet? I can see that Emirates have changed their recruitment process since last time I was looking into it. Now they are looking for 1 year customer experience, where before, as far as I remember, there used to be no requirements? I have been working with children in a care setting in a supervisory post (so it’s all about managing my team). The only customers I have to deal with are parents (yet, I must admit, they are very demanding ones!). I’m also 30 in few months. Do you think I would still qualify?

    • Hello Dorota,
      I would definitely say you have more than 1-year of experience in customer service. We would define ‘customer service’ as a role in which you have served anyone – be it colleagues, parents or retail customers, etc.
      From your experience, you’ll have a lot of evidence of using empathy, resilience, active listening, communication, negotiation, etc.

  • Hello! Emirates just open the application for cabin crew.
    Do you know when is the final date to apply?

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have this information. We’ve reached out to Emirates but they have been unwilling to provide any further details.

  • Hi! Emirates is my dream airline, and i already submitted my online application. I’m so anxious. How many days should i expect them to email me if i got in or not? Im currently working also as a cabin crew in my country and i really do hope ill pass thru. Thank you so much!

  • Hi, my dream job is to work for emirates however I am a little confused with the interview process so any help will be massively beneficial. First of all, for the photos should these be done by a professional photographer? and do these have to be taken before filling out the online application? also do you have to pass the online application online first before the video interview? any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks !

    • Hi Megan,
      Thanks for reaching out. We’re about to update this article to provide further clarity.

      Some people choose to have their photos taken professionally but this isn’t absolutely necessary. If you choose to take your own photos, please make sure you take the photos in good light with either a decent digital camera or a modern smartphone. You should ensure the photo is taken against a white backdrop with no shadowing across your face or body. We highly recommend using an online service to overlay your photo against a white backdrop – there are lots of options available on the web, it will cost a fraction of the price of getting your photos taken professionally and the turnaround is normally really fast.

      You will need the photos available at the time of submitting your application.

      You will complete the digital interview during the initial application. Therefore be ready for this part of the application before starting the process.

  • Hey what things should you write in your cv?? Really struggling with this part. Any help will be great

    • My daughter worked for Emirates for 5 years. I would suggest any customer oriented work you have done, emphasize this. No matter what it is. Anything you have done which has promoted customer satisfaction……if you dont have this experience….and you fail…..go and work in a coffee shop for six months…..small sacrifice for a great life style…..

  • I have no idea what to do with the casual photos!!!
    does it need outdoor backgrounds, the strictly strait body posture, do they require us to take photos other than studio, and so on any brief information on casual photos?

  • Hello, I started the application process on the emirates career site, I was on the 6th step, digital interview. I completed the digital interview, and nothing happened, the app asked me to full out a survey on the exprience.

    I went back to the Emirate page to submit my application, but It is not allowing me to. It says I must do the interview first, and the I will be automatically redirected to submit my application. I have even received email confirmation that my digital interview has been submitted. But the Website application wont let me continue.

    I don”t know what to do . I have been preparing for this for over a week, now i am heart broken.

    I have emailed emirates recruitment, but they have an automated response that says they cannot personally reply.

    Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? 🙁

    • I am. The same thing just happened to me! Did you get it fixed? What is happening? I don’t know what to do;

  • hi i want to ask about if there is a specific section for arab speakers
    to apply from please respond i’m so confused because i can’t find it ?!!!!

    • Hi there. Sorry for the delay. No, unlike Etihad, Emirates does not have a specific job posting for Arabic speakers – instead, you should clearly state on both your CV and within the normal application that you are a fluent or native Arabic speaker.

    • Hello 🙂

      So I started a new application, using a new email address, and was able to successfully submit it, receiving email confirmation. Then I de-activated my previous account.

      I hope that is ok, I am pretty sure they don’t really know other drafted applications even existed unless you submit them. So it should be completely fine.

      I think its the best solution available. 🙂 good luck!

      • Hi, when you submitted it for the second time, what did it say on the Emirates page for the digital interview? Did it say ‘Questionnaire requested on 8/2/18’ even after you submitted it?

        • I am not entirely sure of the order, but I think once I had uploaded the videos I was redirected from that page back to my application, Or i clicked continue on the emirates application page, sorry I cant recall. but it worked the way it was supposed too. 🙂

      • Hey Alexandra!! the same thing just happened to me lol did you take the digital interview twice?

  • Hi, does anybody know any good website that you can use to get them to overlay a white background to your photos without having them done professionally?

  • Hello! I have a question. Im filling the form on the website. and today when I tried write down again, I cannot start to write from where I stopped. U know how I can edit it ?

  • hello, thank you for this piece of information regarding cabin crew application. I have applied for the emirate cabin crew 7 days ago, do you know how long it would take them to get back to me or even if i end up not being shortlisted would i still get an email notification?

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