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easyJet Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits 2018

easyJet Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits 2018

easyJet Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits 2018

During the summer, low-cost airline easyJet embarked on the biggest ever cabin crew recruitment drive in its history.  The airline planned to add 1,500 new cabin crew positions at bases across its European network and has been taking on new joiners every month since.

Founded in 1995 by colourful British-Cypriot entrepreneur, Stelios Haji-Ioanno, easyJet has grown to become the largest airline in the UK and the fourth largest in Europe.  As a low-cost airline, easyJet says the need to become ever more efficient is embedded within “its DNA.”

But despite its low-cost roots, easyJet is a very different organisation to work for than its bigger rival, Ryanair.  Instead, easyJet’s serving cabin crew regard their airline as a good employer which provides a generous salary, nice perks and a friendly working environment.

So what kind of pay and conditions should you expect if you’re offered a job at easyJet?  We’ve spoken with easyJet cabin crew at the airline’s largest base at London Gatwick to get all the details.

However, it’s important to note that the basic salary and sector pay can vary depending on what staff base you choose.  That’s because easyJet enters into local agreements with staff, basing the pay and some other agreements on the local cost of living.

The Contract

easyJet offers both permanent and fixed term contracts but the vast majority of cabin crew are hired on permanent contracts.  However, some seasonal bases use the more flexible fixed term contract.  The probationary period lasts for six months.

The airline provides a three-week training course which is free of charge.  You will start receiving the basic salary from the first day of the course.  However, a bond of €680 will be held against your training.  This amount reduces by approximately €115 per month until the training costs are paid off.

Should you leave easyJet within the first six months of your employment then you will be required to pay back the remaining bond amount.  You will also be expected to pay for your referencing and security vetting – this costs about €170.

easyJet Cabin Crew Salary

Your salary is made of both a basic salary and ‘sector’ pay – that is to say, the amount you are paid for each flight.  One sector = one takeoff and landing, so a flight from London Gatwick to Ibiza and back, for example, would result in two sector pay payments.

All amounts in Pound Sterling and based on the London Gatwick salary.

In the first year…

  • Basic pay: £10,258
  • Sector pay: from £10.61 to £33.15 depending on whether the flight is classed as ‘short’, ‘medium’, ‘long’ or ‘extra long’
  • Commission: 10% of all onboard sales including food, drink and Duty-Free.
  • Overnight Allowance: When you are expected to stay away from home overnight you’ll receive an overnight allowance (the amount varies depending on length of stay and cost of living in the country you are staying)
  • Language Payment: If you speak a second language (other than the predominant one of your staff base) you’ll receive a language payment when you operate flights to a country where that language is the mother tongue.

After your first year…

  • Basic pay: £13,969
  • Sector pay: £14.04 – £43.88

Perks and Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of working for easyJet is the generous staff and standby travel offered to cabin crew.

  • Unlimited staff and standby travel: £5 per flight + taxes
  • Able to change number nominations up to 20 times per year

However, unlike legacy airline’s, this offer is only available on easyJet flights.  There are no available concessions on other carriers.

  • Food and drink provided onboard for cabin crew at no extra cost.
  • easyJet Plus card provided to crew (provides allocated seating, fast-track security access, additional cabin bag and speedy boarding on easyJet flights).  This would normally cost £199 per year.


Unfortunately, easyJet does not pay for your uniform.  The costs are as follows:

  • Men: £160
  • Women: £180
  • The amount will be taken directly out of your salary in monthly instalments covering 2 to 4 months.

How much should you expect to earn?

Your monthly roster will be made up of both confirmed flights and standby duties where you do not receive ‘sector pay’ unless you are needed to work on a flight.  As a result, it’s difficult to say how much you should expect to earn each month.

Remember also, easyJet has a far busier schedule in the summer months – and this period is when cabin crew can expect to earn a lot more.  Many cabin crew plan for the dip in monthly earnings during the winter by saving some money.

You will not be allowed to take on a second job during your employment with easyJet.

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