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A Cautionary Tale: Is Emirates Advertising a Mere Wishlist of Cabin Crew Open Day’s?

A Cautionary Tale: Is Emirates Advertising a Mere Wishlist of Cabin Crew Open Day’s?

  • Recruiters failed to turn up at an Open Day in Perth
  • Hundreds of candidates were forced to hand their CV to hotel management
  • 17+ changes to Emirates recruitment events in August and September
  • Emirates can change or cancel Open Day’s at the last minute
  • Book overseas travel with caution

Your favourite airline needs you!  Channelling the iconic Uncle Sam army recruitment advert from World War I, the Dubai-based airline Emirates has been heavily promoting its cabin crew recruitment drive across social media.  Targeted ads have appeared in newsfeeds around the world, while one post on Emirates’ official Facebook page proclaims: “Emirates is calling!”

Over the last few months, we’ve been closely tracking the recruitment events that Emirates has been organising.  The updated list can be found on our ‘Step-by-Step Application Guide’ but there’s one very important difference between our list and the one available on the official Emirates careers website.

Unlike the official list, we record when a change has been made to a recruitment event – so far, in August and September, we’ve tracked around 17-changes that have been made by the recruitment team.  The changes range from date moves, event swaps and even full-on cancellations.

And this situation isn’t unique to these two months – in fact, last-minute changes are so common that our advice remains not to travel overseas just for an Emirates recruitment Open Day.  It’s as if the official Open Day list is a mere wishlist with no guarantee an event will actually take place.

In particular, a large number of candidates were caught out when recruiters suddenly and without warning cancelled an Open Day in New York.  Many candidates remain confused about an Open Day in Turkey which was suddenly swapped to an Invite Only Assessment Day.

And to make matters even worse, we’ve now heard from several sources that recruiters completely failed to turn up at an Open Day in Perth, Western Australia

Hundreds of candidates turned up for the event, many of whom had travelled across Australia and even further afield.  In the end, hotel management had to break the news to the disheartened cabin crew hopefuls – offering to take their CV’s in order to hand them over to an Emirates recruiter if and when they arrived.

It’s still not clear why the recruitment team didn’t arrive at the Perth event and we still don’t know whether an Assessment Day will be organised for those who attended.

Ever since a disastrous recruitment event in Dubai we had hoped the recruitment team would get a grip on organising these Open Day’s.  In that incident, thousands of candidates queued outside in the blistering sun for a chance to hand their CV to a recruiter – instead, many were turned away and since then Emirates hasn’t held another Open Day in Dubai.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.  It’s important to note that as it stands, the vast majority of Open Day’s will take place as advertised and the majority of candidates will get an opportunity to submit their application in person.  But be warned – Emirates reserves the right to change or cancel a recruitment event and these changes can happen very last minute.

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