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American Airlines is Holding a Virtual Careers Fair for New Flight Attendants

American Airlines is Holding a Virtual Careers Fair for New Flight Attendants

Having already run a fairly big flight attendant recruitment drive this year, American Airlines isn’t currently accepting any new applications – however, there’s a sign that the world’s largest airline might be about to launch another round of hiring at some point very soon.

Flight attendant recruiters at the airline are due to hold a virtual career fair on Friday, July 19 between 10am and 12pm CDT – That means that anyone can ‘attend’ no matter where you are based but spaces are limited and anyone interested in taking part has to register beforehand.

A virtual careers fair is a web-based event where candidates can hold a live text conversation with a recruiter to find out more about the role and get answers to any questions they might have.  It’s an interesting concept and could prove really useful for anyone who isn’t quite sure if the role or the company is the right fit for them.

Obviously, we don’t know when the application process is going to open up again and but this sure looks like American Airlines is readying for a recruitment drive in the near future.

This opportunity is likely to be very popular so if you want to take part you should sign up at the earliest opportunity.  You can find more information on the virtual careers fair website here.

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