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Breeze Airways, the Airline Formally Known as ‘Moxy Air’ is Now Accepting Applications for Pilots, Flight Attendants and Other Staff

Breeze Airways, the Airline Formally Known as ‘Moxy Air’ is Now Accepting Applications for Pilots, Flight Attendants and Other Staff

The serial airline entrepreneur David Neeleman’s new carrier is set to start operations later this year and we finally have a name and more details about the business. Formally known as ‘Moxy Air’ (derived from the millennial-focused hotel brand), Neeleman revealed last week that the new carrier will actually be called Breeze Airways.

Connecting underserved U.S. city-pairs that currently don’t have any non-stop services, Breeze will initially operate regional Embraer 195 jets, before taking delivery of up to 60 Airbus A220’s from 2021 onwards.

Neeleman says the airline has already identified 500 potential routes – that might also include larger U.S. cities but none of the routes currently have any competition, because as Neeleman points out: “There’s no reason to fly to places that already have competition.”

Just like Moxy hotels, think of Breeze as low-cost but “not austere”. Neeleman hopes to embed the latest technology at the heart of Breeze, allowing customers to manage their entire itinerary via a smartphone app – even during irregular operations.

Breeze has already filed the required paperwork with the Federal Aviation Administration to obtain an air operators certificate and Neeleman, who founded both jetBlue and Brazil’s Azul, hope’s to have Breeze up and running by late 2020.

And with that in mind, the airline has already started the process of finding employees for the startup. But while we know a few more details about Breeze’s business plan, information on available jobs remains scant.

For the time being, Breeze is accepting resume submissions via a special recruitment microsite – positions are available for flight attendants, pilots and ground staff, along with a number of back-office functions.

Breeze hasn’t detailed what remuneration packages it has on offer, where it plans to base employees or other working conditions – although, more information will likely begin to trickle through over the next few months.

Breeze will be headquartered in Salt Lake City, although the airline wouldn’t be drawn on where flight operations and other bases will be located.

Acknowledging the worldwide shortage of pilots, Neeleman said he had no concerns about finding enough crew for the new venture. “We’re going to compensate our people well and we’re going to take really good care of them,” he said in an interview last week – hopefully, that sentiment will extend to other workgroups as well.

If you fancy joining what is likely to be an exciting startup then Breeze could be a very good option. What have you got to lose?

Further details can be found on the Breeze Airways recruitment microsite.

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