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Awwwww: Emirates Cabin Crew Member Say’s “Yes” to In-Flight Proposal

Awwwww: Emirates Cabin Crew Member Say’s “Yes” to In-Flight Proposal

Awwwww: Emirates Cabin Crew Member Say's "Yes" to In-Flight Proposal

If this doesn’t warm your heart then we don’t know what will!  On a recent flight between Rome and Dubai, one member of Emirates cabin crew going by the name of Vittoria had a very big surprise in time for the Holidays – but thankfully she caught her breath in order to say “yes” to a very special question.

It looks like Vittoria’s boyfriend, Stefano went to quite a bit of effort to surprise his now fiancé who apparently didn’t have any idea what was unfolding behind the curtains in the Economy cabin.  Stefano roped in fellow passengers and cabin crew to decorate the cabin and even handed out cut out masks of his face to take Vittoria by surprise.

When Vittoria walked through the curtains she was suddenly greeted by a sea of passengers holding out red rose stems, while many held up their phones to video the moment.  Vittoria’s face, it has to be said, is a picture as she tries to work out exactly what’s going on – clearly, she had no idea a routine flight would end like this.

Before long, Vittoria is led to the galley where Stefano is waiting.  He crouches down on one knee and out comes the proposal.  Now that’s what you call the best Christmas present!


Thankfully, in this case, if Emirates weren’t already in on the surprise then the airline has at the very least taken it in the spirit it was intended.  It’s quite a different reaction than the one taken by China Eastern Airlines after the boyfriend of one of their cabin crew performed a surprise mid-flight proposal in May.

A video of the proposal went viral on Chinese social media and that’s where you would think the story ends.  Unfortunately, airline bosses took a different view and in September dismissed the flight attendant saying she had endangered the safety of the flight because it has caused a disturbance.

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