Advertising Policy

I built this website out of a passion for helping demystify the cabin crew recruitment process and share aviation news of interest to serving and aspiring cabin crew.

That passion is what keeps me going every day, but let’s be honest – running a successful website does not come cheap.  The reality of the situation is that advertising helps keep alive and all its content free.

The website contains both display ads and affiliate links.  At this time, there are no sponsored posts anywhere on  Further details can be found below:

The bulk of revenues come from display ads that you typically see at the top and bottom of each post.  Each ad is transparent and you should only every click on an ad if it is a service or product that you are genuinely interested in.

From time to time, there may be links that take you to a service provider or product.  I may receive a commission if you decide to purchase from one of these brands.  These links are only ever included if I truly believe in the brand and endorse the product or service.

Any article or post that contains an affiliate link will be clearly labelled as such.  Affiliate links are not ‘paid’ or ‘sponsored content’ and any articles containing these links are completely editorially independent.

There is currently no sponsored content on and nor are there any plans to include this type of content in the future.  Simply put, I really value the freedom of being editorially independent and I think this is something you also appreciate.