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No, Passengers Don’t Hate Flight Attendants. It’s Time for Everyone to Calm Down

No, Passengers Don't Hate Flight Attendants. It's Time for Everyone to Calm Down
  • Neil Munro

    If the px won’t move back to his seat charge him the business class fare.

  • velvetjoneslives

    Well, count me as one who does hate them. If I ever see one out of the airport I’ll likely punch them in the face on sight. To be fair, most of this isn’t the FAs fault. After 9/11 the mindless twits who make up congress thought it would be a good idea to give FAs near god like authority while they still received their whopping six weeks of training. Not a good recipe for success. I do admire the ones that truly do their jobs well, but like bad cops, bad FAs are spoiling it for the rest of them.