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American Airlines Unveils its Flagship Suite Preferred Seat With More Space and Upgraded Amenities

American Airlines Unveils its Flagship Suite Preferred Seat With More Space and Upgraded Amenities

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American Airlines is preparing to introduce new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, which will feature a brand new Business Class suite for the Fort Worth-based carrier, which is based on the Adient Ascent seat – which has just started flying on Hawaiian Airlines’ new 787-9.

In the run-up to AA taking delivery of its first 787-9 with the Adient Ascent seats installed, the carrier has just unveiled a new feature that is being dubbed the Flagship Suite Preferred Seat.

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American Airlines

The Adient Ascent product is an efficient reverse herringbone seat because the footwell is carved into the seat in front, but at the bulkheads, this isn’t possible because there is no seat in front.

As a result, these bulkhead seats have more room in the foot area and these seats are going to be the Preferred Seats.

American Airlines plans to monetize its Preferred Seats by offering enhanced amenities alongside the additional room afforded by these seats. Customers who upgrade to a Preferred Seat will get a Nest Bedding mattress pad, a throw blanket and a memory foam lumbar pillow.

Preferred Seat customers will also get a pair of Nest Bedding pajamas and an amenity kit from Thirteen Lune by Joanna Vargas and Relevant.

American Airlines has shared few other details about its Flagship Preferred Seats, such as how much it might cost, although the idea is far from unique.

Other airlines that have monetized these extra spacious types of seats include JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic and Condor. Interestingly, however, Air France is yet to monetize its extra space Business Class seats at bulkheads.

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