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News Roundup – 22nd February 2017. A Summary of Airline News from the Past Week

News Roundup – 22nd February 2017. A Summary of Airline News from the Past Week

American Airlines cabin crew - news round of the week - AA flight attendants getting sick from new uniform

Is the American Airlines new uniform crisis about to take a new turn?  The President of AA has hinted that they have a new remedy in the works.  Elsewhere in the U.S. Delta Air Lines is set to reintroduce free meals into economy class on longer domestic routes.

Meanwhile, Emirates is thinking smaller as it eyes up narrow body jets to complement its fleet of larger aircraft.  But for the cargo division at Emirates it was a brighter week as SkyCargo unveiled a Valentines Day inspired freighter plane.

Could the American Airlines Uniform Fiasco be Close to Resolution?

16th February 2017 – Courtesy Chicago Business Journal

American Airlines launched a sleek new uniform in September 2016, but the rollout has been anything but smooth.  Cabin crew have complained of headaches, hives and other illnesses caused by the uniform.

Now, Robert Isom, the President of AA has said that a new solution is on the horizon.  The airline has already introduced cotton and synthetic fabric variants on top of the original wool uniform to address staff concerns.

However, Isom noted: “I get the feeling that is not going to be enough.”  Details of what steps the carrier intends to take are still to be announced.

Delta Air Lines to Reintroduce Free Meals in Economy After 15 Year Hiatus

20th February 2017 – Courtesy The Daily Telegraph

Back in 2001, Delta Air Lines was one of the first North American carriers to scrap free meals in economy on domestic routes. But the carrier is set to reintroduce complimentary meals on select long-haul domestic routes following a pilot last year that saw increased customer satisfaction scores.

The airline’s Vice President of Onboard Service, Lisa Bauer spoke of the decision: “People appreciate not being nickel-and-dimed on these long flights. We believe this will be a competitive advantage.”

Meal options are said to include a honey-maple breakfast sandwich, a turkey combo and a veggie wrap.  The enhanced meal service will be introduced on 01st March on flights from New York JFK to Los Angeles and San Francisco.


Emirates Might Be About to Add Smaller Aircraft to Join Their 777 & A380 Fleet

16th February 2017 – Courtesy The Points Guy

Citing an interview with CCN Money, Tim Clark the President of Emirates is said to be considering adding smaller, narrow body aircraft to it’s fleet by the end of 2018.  At present, Emirates only operates the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777-300 having retired the last of its A330 and A340 aircraft late last year.

It’s believed that Emirates is looking at adding aircraft from the A320 family of planes, as well as the Boeing 737.  The carrier may also be looking to complement its current wide-body fleet with a smaller wide-body jet such as the A350 or 787.

Clark said that the reduction in oil prices and “global geopolitics” had forced the airline to revaluate their business strategy going forward.


Emirates SkyCargo Gets Romantic with Specially Painted Plane

13th February 2017 – Courtesy American Journal of Transportation

Emirates gave the world something very special this Valentines Day as it unveiled a special livery on of it’s SkyCargo freighter planes.  The new paint work that sported a giant red rose is said to be inspired by the contribution that Emirates makes in transporting fresh flowers around the world.

Emirates SkyCargoThe first flight for this floral aircraft was to take a consignment of flowers from Nairobi in Kenya to Amsterdam – The world’s largest flower distribution centre.  In the run up to Valentines Day, Emirates SkyCargo laid on four additional daily services between Nairobi and Amsterdam to get 350 tonnes of flowers to Europe in time for the big day.


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