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These Two Airlines Spread Some Much-Needed Joy on The International Day of Happiness

These Two Airlines Spread Some Much-Needed Joy on The International Day of Happiness

These Two Airlines Spread Some Much-Needed Joy on The International Day of Happiness

Flying long-haul can be a pretty soul destroying experience.  You cross multiple time zones, eat bad food and struggle to find comfort in your cramped seat.  You’re left ravaged by the dry, recirculated air and exhausted from jet lag.

But passengers flying with Etihad Airways and Emirates – both of whom fly some of the longest routes in the world – were today treated to some very welcome surprises, making their long-haul flights just that little bit better.

To mark The International Day of Happiness, the two UAE-based airlines spread a little bit of much-needed joy amongst its passengers and staff.  Etihad Airways released a video of unsuspecting passengers being gifted with what the airline called ‘mini-upgrades’. Spa treatments, business class lounge access and complimentary in-flight WiFi access were all on offer for some of the lucky passengers.

In Dubai, Emirates even gave away free Business Class upgrades to a few fortunate passengers.  The airline has released a video (below) of guests discovering they had been upgraded just moments before they were due to board.

But what’s a day of happiness without happy staff?  Emirates also gifted eligible employees with a free return ticket to anywhere on its route network.  The airline now flies to over 150 destinations around the world, including the Maldives, Sydney and New York.

“Happiness means different things to different people. Many find happiness in constantly challenging themselves to achieve new goals, learning new skills, or nurturing strong relationships in their personal and professional lives,” commented the Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

He continued: “Most times, all it really takes is to simply share a smile. It’s one of the most powerful human gestures.”

In December, the United Arab Emirates was ranked as the 28th ‘happiest country in the world’, in the World Happiness Report 2016.  Dubai has said that it wants to become the happiest city in the world by 2019 and last year the Emirate appointed a Minister of Happiness.

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