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New Viral Video of Emirates Flight Attendant Performing Sex Act Causes Embarrassment

New Viral Video of Emirates Flight Attendant Performing Sex Act Causes Embarrassment

New Censored Viral Video of Emirates Flight Attendant Causes Airline Embarrassment

It seems like Cabin Crew just can’t stop themselves getting into hot water.  But the latest viral video of a Flight Attendant behaving (very) inappropriately works for an airline you might not expect.  And in this case, the video is so graphic we can’t even share it on this website.

Yet that hasn’t stopped the nearly 2-minute video from being widely distributed on popular messaging service, Whatsapp.  So what happens in the video? (adult content follows throughout the rest of the article).  A male Flight Attendant pleasures himself to the point of climax in what appears to be an aircraft lavatory.  The video is apparently recorded by the Flight Attendant performing the act.

The airline in question is none other than Emirates.  Recently voted the Best Airline in the World by Tripadvisor and famed for it’s attentive and award-winning Cabin Crew. From images we’ve seen, it’s difficult to deny that the Flight Attendant works for the Dubai-based airline.  The distinctive brown pin-striped suit, cream waistcoat and off-white shirt are clearly visible.

We’d like to say that we haven’t examined the video too closely but the whole sordid event appears to have happened in an Emirates Boeing 777 lavatory.  It’s worth pointing out that the authenticity of the video can’t be verified and as far as we know this could be some elaborate hoax.

Emirates Refuses to Comment

Nor do we know the reason why the Flight Attendant decided to record and share the video in the first place.  But if real, what seemed like harmless fun could land him in serious trouble.  Luckily, it doesn’t look like Emirates has identified the individual involved.  We declined to send a copy of the video to the airline who in turn refused to comment on the matter.

Only last year, a female Cabin Crew member was photographed in a very unflattering position.  To add to the airline’s embarrassment, the photo shows the woman straddling a seat on the flight deck of an aircraft.  Again, the graphic image can’t be shared as it shows full frontal nudity.  It’s unknown whether either Flight Attendant is still working for Emirates.

Back in 2010, two Emirates Cabin Crew who shared “sexually explicit text messages” ended up in jail.  The married couple were found guilty by a court in Dubai for “coercion to commit sin” and sentenced to three months imprisonment.  It’s believed that they were both dismissed by Emirates and their visas withdrawn.

A Series of Embarrassing Incidents at Qatar Airways

And it’s not just Emirates with badly behaving Cabin Crew.  Earlier this year, Qatar Airways was forced to respond to what it called “inappropriate images” of a female Flight Attendant ended up online.

However, a spokesperson for the carrier claimed the viral photos were historic and both staff members involved had already been dismissed.  When the photos reemerged in February the state-owned airline quickly issued the following statement:

“It has recently been brought to our attention that inappropriate images of individuals who appear to be Qatar Airways cabin crew are appearing on social media sites.

We understand that these images are being widely viewed and have caused concern and upset that they appear to show current members of the airline engaged in inappropriate and unacceptable acts in public.

These images are historical, and were being circulated at the end of 2013/ early 2014 when they were first brought to our attention. At this time, the airline carried out its own internal investigations and as a result the individuals concerned had their employment terminated.”

It’s hard to imagine any airline allowing their staff to commit such rude acts in uniform.  Although, of course, the incidents aren’t nearly as bad as some behaviour we’ve seen recently.   But Gulf carriers like Emirates and Qatar Airways demand the very highest standards of personal behaviour from their staff.

Cabin Crew must respect the local laws and customs of what remains a conservative Muslim society.  The potential to cause moral outrage is huge.  Last September, Qatar Airways faced criticism from conservative Arabic customers after yet another social media incident.

In that case, a Flight Attendant posed in a photo holding two Abayas that had been left on an aircraft.  The Flight Attendant was (unsurprisingly) swiftly suspended by the airline.

That’s not to say that all Cabin Crew selfies are frowned upon.  Emirates management has long encouraged their Cabin Crew to post photos of themselves in uniform – perhaps hoping the vast majority of posts will show the airline in a positive light.

Qatar Only Recently Relaxed Social Media Rules

The same can’t be said of Qatar Airways, who once demanded a social media blackout from their staff.   The policy was only recently reversed although many staff remain wary of posting photos on social media.

A spokesperson has said of the policy change: “For the past year, we have been testing a new policy on our cabin crew, allowing them to identify themselves as Qatar Airways employees on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram,”

“They are our ambassadors, and they have shown that they are more than capable of handling the responsibility.”

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