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Practice Tests for the Most Popular Cabin Crew Entrance Exams Used by International Airlines

Practice Tests for the Most Popular Cabin Crew Entrance Exams Used by International Airlines

Practice Tests for the Most Popular Cabin Crew Entrance Exams Used by International Airlines

Are you fully prepared for the cabin crew recruitment process? At most airline’s, long gone are the days where you could simply turn up at an Open Day and hope the recruiter liked the look of you. Nowadays, you have to submit a detailed online application including a bespoke resume or CV to stand a chance.

But it’s not just your initial application that you’ll need to have prepared in advance. Are you also ready to face the cabin crew entry tests? As part of the application process, you’ll also be expected to complete a series of online exams – and if you don’t score high enough, your application will be automatically disqualified.

The process is familiar at leading airline’s around the world. From North America to Europe, Asia to Australasia – recruiters are adding this extra step into the recruitment process everywhere. It’s even happening at airline’s that you might not expect – Emirates will be introducing a new series of tests when they restart cabin crew recruitment later this year.

Luckily, we’ve sat through many of these online cabin crew exams and know exactly what international airlines are testing candidates on.  With that knowledge, we’ve created a series of bespoke practice tests to help you prepare for the cabin crew application tests.  And the best bit? – they’re completely free!

For the time being, we’ve focused on two practice English language tests and two reading and comprehension tests – the most popular ones you’ll be faced with.  These mimic the exact tests you’ll be faced with, in order to prepare you as best as possible.

More details can be found below:

English Fluency Tests

We’ve developed two practice English fluency tests that based on what leading international airlines use during their cabin crew recruitment process.  This style of test is used at major Middle East carriers, including Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways and flydubai.  You’ll also find this style of test used at airlines such as Singapore Airlines and a number of European airlines.

For some airlines, even if you’re not expected to do one of these tests at the application stage, you’ll still need to complete it at an Assessment Day – such as Etihad or Qatar Airways.

Normlly, these tests are not timed.  Click on the links below to find out more details and try the tests out for yourself:

Reading and Memory Test

English Fluency Test 2

Reading and Memory Test

How good is your memory?  And for that matter, how good are you at paying attention?  That’s what this test is all about – making sure you can take in valuable information and then be able to recall it when needed.  This is vital, not only for getting through the tough cabin crew training course but also for dealing with incidents on board an aircraft.

Our reading and memory test is basreal-lifel life examples that are used at a number of international premium airlines:

Reading and Memory Test

Verbal Reasoning Test

This is an incredibly popular test and is used to see whether you can cope under pressure.  With only a short amount of time, you need to work quickly but accurately – making sure you’ve got the right information to answer the question correctly.

Nearly every airline which uses an online cabin crew assessment will incorporate this type of test in to their recruitment process:

Verbal Reasoning Test

Of course, some airlines are making the recruitment process even harder, with on-demand video interviews and personality tests to pass as well.  Whilst, it’s more difficult to practice this type of test, we’ve got the tried and tested ways to help you prepare:

The Complete Guide to the Cabin Crew Video Interview

How to Ace the Cabin Crew Online Personality Test

The very best of luck!

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  • Hi Mateusz, thank you for posting these helpful test.would you kindly post Numerical tests too. it would be very helpful. thanks in advance for this formative website. Regards, Alana

    • A very good point Alana! We’re actually working on some numerical tests at the moment – and as before, they are very closely based on real tests used by airlines. Watch this space!

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