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Emirates Launches Brand New Multi-Million Dollar Worldwide Ad Campaign: Don’t Stop Me Now

Emirates Launches Brand New Multi-Million Dollar Worldwide Ad Campaign: Don’t Stop Me Now

Emirates Launches Brand New Multi-Million Dollar Worldwide Ad Campaign: Don't Stop Me Now

Emirates has just launched a brand new $15 million USD worldwide ad campaign to promote both the extensive Emirates route network and its Dubai hub as a destination in itself.  The ad uses the iconic and energetic song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by British rock band Queen as its uplifting and inspiring soundtrack.

The ad will feature prominently in key markets for the next few months with the campaign kicking off on 15th October.  The ad was conceptualised and written by Emirates’ own staffers, with award-winning Director Vaughan Arnell overseeing the one minute piece.

Emirates says the soundtrack was carefully chosen based on a scientific study that found Don’t Stop Me Now to be the best ‘feel good’ song to appear in the UK charts in the past 50 years.

Boutros Boutros, Divisional Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications at Emirates said the purpose of the ad was not only to promote Emirates as an airline but its links with its home, Dubai.

“Emirates and Dubai have always been inextricably linked,” explained Boutros.  He continued: “Since day one, Emirates has proudly and actively promoted our hub. Dubai offers a great experience at our world-class airport, and the city has become a top global destination.”


The ad features some of the most popular destinations in the Emirates route network, including Syndey, New York and London before ending at the Dubai dancing fountains at the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.  Using clever transitions the ad moves from destination to destination, whilst highlighting the award-winning Emirates onboard product.

Flying to over 150 global destinations in 84 countries, Emirates now operates over 500 flights every day.  Using its hub in Dubai, the airline has actively promoted its home city as a destination for both business and leisure travellers.

“People, regardless of their backgrounds, have a strong desire to travel”

“At Emirates, we believe that people, regardless of their backgrounds, have a strong desire to travel and experience the world for themselves. They want to be inspired, to discover, and to have fun,” Boutros said of the ad.

The Dubai government has made tourism a central part of its future economic plans with Emirates a major driver in achieving its aims.  The Dubai Plan 2021 envisages the city as one of the Top Five destinations for tourism in the world.

Since the airline’s founding in 1985, Emirates has rapidly expanded into a globally recognised brand.  Catapulting the airline into the hearts of many customers was the 2007 ‘Keep Discovering‘ campaign which asked viewers “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”.  The ad is best known for its iconic imagery from the Burj Al Arab 6-Star hotel.

Today, Emirates extends its brand reach with multi-million dollar sports sponsorships which include the US Open tennis tournament and the Emirates Cup soccer tournament.  The airline also sponsors a number of big name clubs including Real Madrid, AC Milan SL Benfica.  In London, even a cable car is sponsored by the airline – appropriately named the Emirates Air Line.

Despite some recent economic woes, senior managers at Emirates have told staff they won’t be cutting back the ad spend or global sponsorships because they are so important as a driver for the airline’s business.

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