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A Flight Attendants Dream: New High Heels That Instantly Convert Into Comfortable Flats

A Flight Attendants Dream: New High Heels That Instantly Convert Into Comfortable Flats

A Flight Attendants Dream: New High Heels That Instantly Convert Into Comfortable Flats

These new shoes could make female flight attendants lives just that little bit easier.  It’s all thanks to a brand new, innovative design which can tranform a pair of stilettos into comfortable flats pretty much instantly.

At the moment, most female cabin crew have to carry two pairs of shoes around with them.  A high heeled shoe for strutting their stuff in the terminal and welcoming passengers onboard.  And then a second pair of flats once the flight has taken off.

But a new company, suitably named Runway Heels wants to reinvent women’s “love-hate relationship with high heels,” and is about to launch the world’s first patented “retractable high heels.”

The company was founded two years a go by veteran flight attendant, Melody Avecilla who calls the shoes a “disruptive fashion technology.”  She hopes her design will “revolutionize women’s footwear.”

Thanks to a Swedish-designed steel-grade mechanism, the wearer can simply push a button to retract the heel and instantly convert a stiletto into a flat.  The shoe also features antimicrobial memory foam – which means the shoe should remain comfortable and smell-free on even the longest of longhaul flights.

“You no longer have to risk your health to be fashionable with our convenient design,” Avecilla explained.  She says her shoes could help prevent medical conditions associated with the wearing of high heels which include bunions, osteoporosis and sciatica, as well as chronic knee problems, foot, lower-back, neck and shoulder pain.

At the moment, Runway Heels shoes are only available for pre-order and the company is still financing the shoe through a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.  The cost of the shoes might also be a barrier, with the base model costing $199.  A premium version will set you back $249.

We’re also not quite convinced the current design is all that suitable for an aircraft environment, although expect more designs to follow soon.  In the meantime, Avecilla see’s the shoes as being the perfect fashion accessory for busy businesswomen.

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