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Have Your Say: Major Survey On Future Of Cabin Crew Employment Conditions Underway

Have Your Say: Major Survey On Future Of Cabin Crew Employment Conditions Underway

Have Your Say: Major Survey On Future Of Cabin Crew Employment Conditions Underway

Have you got an opinion on employment and working conditions for cabin crew?  In that case, you need to get involved in a major European study that is looking at exactly these issues.  Funded by the European Commission, the study is being run by an independent consultancy firm who are urging cabin crew to get involved through an online questionnaire now!

While the study is primarily focused on European-based cabin crew, researchers are also seeking the opinions of flight crew around the world – they need to hear the good, the bad and the ugly.  And of course, remember, rule changes in the EU are very often adopted by other countries so this really is your opportunity to make your voice heard – wherever you might be based.

Issues that are being looked at include the different types of employment contract offered, the use of temporary workers, so-called ‘pay-to-fly’ schemes, gender equality and work-life balance.  Major unions have been involved in the creation of the survey to address key issues affecting the industry at the moment.

You can access the survey here:

But be quick – the survey ends on the 3rd May.

Cabin crew at Ryanair should be particularly interested in completing the survey.  Many of the questions are directed at the types of employment contracts offered by the low-cost airline – an issue that could see Ryanair crew stage a series of strikes this summer.

Five unions who represent Ryanair cabin crew in Spain, Belgium, Italy and Portugal are demanding the carrier offers local contracts of employment for their crew – rather than the Irish contracts they are currently employed under.

At a meeting held on Tuesday, the unions gave Ryanair until 30th June to meet its demands on improving working conditions for their members – otherwise, they’ll call strike action throughout the busy summer months.

In the past, Ryanair has said its employment policies are perfectly legal and that it would not offer local contracts – despite mounting pressure that includes investigations by State authorities in Portugal and Italy.

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