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British Airways is Celebrating the Royal Wedding with a Special Flight Featuring Only Cabin Crew Called Meghan or Harry

British Airways is Celebrating the Royal Wedding with a Special Flight Featuring Only Cabin Crew Called Meghan or Harry

British Airways is Celebrating the Royal Wedding with a Special Flight Consisting Only of Cabin Crew Called Meghan or Harry

In case you hadn’t yet noticed, the UK is currently gearing up for will undoubtedly be the wedding of the year – the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel at Windsor Castle this coming Saturday.  The couple were introduced to one another in London in July 2016 and they announced their engagement only in November last year,

While the ceremony and other celebrations are certainly going to be a lot less lavish than at other Royal Wedding’s – such as the marriage of Harry’s older brother, Prince William to Kate Middleton in 2011 which was attended by a staggering 1,900 guests who witnessed the nuptials in Westminster Abbey.  Tens of millions of people around the world watched the ceremony live on TV.

Recent controversies aside – like who will walk Meghan up the aisle?  And did Meghan’s father really set up a fake paparazzi photoshoot for cash?  The mood appears to be pretty jubilant.  The British media has been whipped into a frenzy and many people across the UK are said to be planning their own parties to celebrate the marriage of Harry and Meghan.

So it makes sense that British Airways, which can count many members of the Royal Family as passengers, including Queen Elizabeth II, would get in on the celebrations as well.  And the airline has decided to put together a very special team of cabin crew to help passengers commemorate the wedding on the big day.

On Saturday, British Airways flight BA93 from London Heathrow to Toronto (the city where Meghan lived and her relationship with Harry was said to have blossomed) will be operated by an all-star crew of only Meghan and Harry’s.

There will be 10 cabin crew working on the flight – seven of which are called Megan (which seems close enough), one Meghan and two Harry’s.  Senior First Officer, Harry Blake will be in the cockpit although there’s no word on the name of the Captain as yet.

The airline plans to get customers in the mood with lots of extra bubbly loaded for the flight and every passenger on the Toronto flight will receive a mini-bottle of Castelnau Blanc du Blanc champagne.  To accompany the fizz, every passenger departing Heathrow on the big day will get an individual lemon and elderflower Victoria sponge (the same flavour as Meghan and Harry’s wedding cake – of course).

“We are so thrilled for Prince Harry and Meghan so wanted to bring some added sparkle and make our customers’ journeys fit for a Prince or Princess to celebrate this incredibly special day,” explained Carolina Martinoli, BA’s Director of Brand and Customer Experience.

And there’s one final way that British Airways is celebrating the wedding – any passenger called Harry, Meghan or Megan who is flying on Saturday will be allowed to use the carrier’s First Class lounge.  Now that’s a nice touch.

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