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Join a Member of British Airways Cabin Crew As She Goes Behind the Scenes of the UK’s Largest Airline

Join a Member of British Airways Cabin Crew As She Goes Behind the Scenes of the UK’s Largest Airline

For all its faults, British Airways has been doing a fantastic job on social media of late and the airline is truly exceptional in providing a behind the scenes look of what it takes to keep BA running.  In the last few months, we’ve seen British comedian Rhod Gilbert take on the challenge of becoming one of BA’s cabin crew and the airline even let James Corden do a skit called “Pimp My Glide” – a take on the Famous MTV series, Pimp My Ride.

And let’s not forget the #BAMagic campaign where British Airways would pull out all the stops to make someone’s wishes come true – like Majorie, a young cancer survivor from London who got to try out being cabin crew for the day.  On another occasion, the airline even helped a passenger propose to his girlfriend (she said yes!).

Now comes the latest social media effort from British Airways and it doesn’t disappoint.  This time the airline has allowed a real member of its cabin crew to go behind the scenes in a series of two-minute videos – or what BA calls ‘Take Off Tuesday” vlogs.

The first video in the series see’s Ty Opoku Adjei take a close-up look at a Boeing 777 and then find out what it takes to keep it looking squeaky clean.  Ty gleefully asks us “Can you tell I’m excited?” as she grins from ear to ear.  Her high energy personality certainly answers that question without any doubt!

For an airline that has, in the past, been accused of taking itself just a little bit too seriously, then this video series will certainly silence the critics.  You can tell Ty is having a great time and her cheeky sense of humour shines through.  Nonetheless, the vlog proves to be really insightful and we can’t to see what she gets up to next week.

According to British Airways, in the weeks ahead, Ty will be testing all the new food that BA’s chefs have been developing,  trying out one of the multi-million-pound flight simulators that pilots train on and even giving a go at becoming a baggage handler for the day.

We’ll also see Ty going into the heart of BA’s 24/7 operation in ‘Network Ops’, ascending to the top of Heathrow’s control tower and seeing what happens at check-in (and how airlines are trying to improve the experience).

And of course, the series wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t get to see Ty show us doing her day job as cabin crew.  The vlog will round off with Ty operating on a plane full of holidaymakers as they head off to Palma for their vacations.

You can follow Ty’s adventures on BA’s YouTube channel which can be found here.  British Airways is currently recruiting new and experienced cabin crew for its bases at both Heathrow and Gatwick airports.  More information can be found on the airline’s official recruitment website here.

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