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VIDEO: Episode Two of British Airways’ “Takeoff Tuesday’s” – Go Behind the Scenes with Ty the Cabin Crew

VIDEO: Episode Two of British Airways’ “Takeoff Tuesday’s” – Go Behind the Scenes with Ty the Cabin Crew

Last week, we shared with you a video from British Airways which is part of a new series called ‘Takeoff Tuesday’, following Ty, a real member of the airline’s international cabin crew.  In the first episode, Ty tried her hand at washing one of BA’s Boeing 777 aircraft – which was a delight to watch.

We’re excited to be able to share the next instalment of Ty’s adventure as she goes behind the scenes of BA’s huge catering operation – specifically, looking at the kind of food and drink that First and Business Class passengers get to enjoy.

This is such a neat idea from British Airways – we absolutely love Ty’s enthusiasm and while BA hasn’t really been sharing the video on its own social media platforms (yet), we’re definitely honoured to be able to share this with you.

And while being in front of the camera seems to come naturally to Ty, it looks like she has a bit of experience.  Ty has her own YouTube channel called ‘WhereTyGoes‘ in which she lifts the lid on being cabin crew for British Airways – including some must watch tips on what happens at a BA Assessment Day and the pros and cons of joining one of the most iconic airlines’s in the world.

As ever, Ty isn’t shy about getting dug into the task at hand – this week, that involves sampling some of the latest dishes which will feature on BA’s menus.  Speaking with Mark Tazzioli, the airline’s head menu designer, Ty finds out that menu choices are planned a year in advance – and with menu’s changing every month, that’s a lot of planning.

We also find out that BA’s catering teams prepare around 45,000 meals every day – with 13 different types of special meal, 17 regional menus and lots of desserts.  Ty even admits to trying five different desserts on one flight – now that’s an achievement.

British Airways has been investing a lot of money in it’s Business Class product of late (or what it calls Club World).  The airline says it has a five year £4.5 billion investment plan which includes installing new interiors on over 120 long-haul aircraft, installing wi-fi across its fleet and taking delivery of over 70 brand new aircraft.

Over £600 million of that investment fund is being used to significantly upgrade the airline’s Club World product.  Earlier this year, British Airways rolled out luxe new bedding from upmarket lifestyle brand, The White Company and a new dining concept which has been generally well received.

The airline is also set to unveil a brand new Business Class seat at some point soon.  The seat will feature on BA’s new Airbus A350 aircraft – the first of which will be delivered next year.

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