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Australian Airline, Qantas Celebrates Equality and Diversity in New Video Starring Hugh Jackman

Australian Airline, Qantas Celebrates Equality and Diversity in New Video Starring Hugh Jackman

For many years, Australian flag carrier, Qantas has taken a public view on political matters and its role within society.  The airline’s openly gay chief executive, Alan Joyce,  has championed LGBTI rights within Australian society and the airline has a proud history of supporting the country’s indigenous population.

Some people have questioned how much Qantas should be using its role as Australia’s largest airline to push a political message but Joyce has not been dissuaded.  For many years, Qantas has featured Aboriginal artwork on its fleet of aircraft and the airline has been a proud supporter of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras for over 25 years.

In recent years, the airline has also been making efforts to support greater quality – encouraging women to take up roles within the aviation industry which are typically male-dominated.  Qantas also supports the country’s elite athletes, including Paralympians in a number of different sports.

Qantas says its support of equality and diversity is the Spirit of Australia – the airline’s brand motto which encapsulates the Australian quality of “standing up for a fair go”.  A new video, featuring Hollywood A-Lister and Qantas ambassador, Hugh Jackman is designed to celebrate “the importance of diversity to national life.”

The 60-second video features a number of groups the airline has worked with for a number of years – including athletes from various sports teams, Indigenous dance company Bangarra and the Australian ballet, as well as staff celebrating the Sydney Mardi Gras.

Explaining why Qantas champions diversity, the airline’s Vanessa Hudson eloquently explained:

“We carry over 50 million people a year from all walks of life. And we have over 30,000 people working at Qantas who represent a cross-section of the community. We don’t all think, look or act the same and that’s a huge asset.”

“This video is about celebrating the strength that comes from diversity and why it’s one of the great things about the kind of place Australia is.”

The video will be beamed across Australia during an ad break during a big Rugby match which will be screened on Fox Sports tomorrow.  Qantas passengers are also likely to see the video on their next flight as well.

Qantas owned Jetstar came in for criticism earlier this week over allegations that it was using low paid Asian staff who typically work longer hours than would be allowed in Australia.  Jetstar refuted the allegations made by ABC News and said it’s Bangkok-based cabin crew earned up to five times the average Thai salary.

The airline also said its employment practices were in line with global standards and claimed all cabin crew were trained to the same standard – regardless of where they were based

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