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An International Cabin Crew’s Favorite Money App is Going Trendy With New All-Metal Card

An International Cabin Crew’s Favorite Money App is Going Trendy With New All-Metal Card

An International Cabin Crew's Favourite Money App is Going Trendy With New All-Metal Card

Revolut, an online banking and foreign exchange service has had a big impact on the way international cabin crew spend money when down route.  With the ability to avoid overseas transaction fees, exchange money into different currencies for free and easily transfer money between accounts, the Revolut app and card can save cabin crew a lot of money.

Revolut is based in the United Kingdom but is available for any legal residents who live in the European Economic Area including Switzerland.  The company says they plan to bring their new age banking services to a global audience soon, although a date hasn’t yet been announced.

The best bit about this is that you can get a free UK-based account approved in a matter of minutes.  The standard service is free to use and allows users to open an account in either Pound Sterling or Euros.  Many cabin crew use Revolut in addition to their normal bank account to manage their foreign spending, avoiding the expensive charges and fees that so often come with traditional banks.

The standard account comes with a free Visa or Mastercard but now Revolut is introducing a premium all-metal card which comes with 1% cash back, a concierge service and an increased global ATM withdrawal limit.

To set yourself apart from the crowd with the black metal card made of reinforced steel and weighing in at a reassuringly hefty 18g will cost users £12.99 a month but the subscription does include delayed baggage and flight insurance, as well as overseas medical insurance and free bank transfers which supports 24 currencies.

Admittedly, the ‘Metal’ account does kind of ruin the idea of Revolut being free, especially for cabin crew, and most users will probably find the free service perfectly suitable for their foreign layovers.

What services do you use to manage your money on a layover?  We’d love to hear your recommendations!

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