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Tinder Reveals the Most Right Swiped Jobs (in Australia): Oh How Little People Know About Cabin Crew

Tinder Reveals the Most Right Swiped Jobs (in Australia): Oh How Little People Know About Cabin Crew

Tinder Reveals the Most Right Swiped Jobs (in Australia): Oh How Little People Know About Cabin Crew

A new study by the global dating app Tinder has revealed what jobs are most likely to result in someone being right swiped.  And it turns out the role of cabin crew must still evoke feelings of glamour amongst users in Australia who made the job the second most likely to be right swiped – for female users anyway.  A career in aviation was closely pipped by female lifeguards.

Tinder might get plenty of criticism but the dating and hookup app still has a massive market.  According to the company behind the app, Tinder registers something in the region of 1.6 billion right swipes per day, while users go on nearly 1 million dates every week.  Apparently, with Tinder now operating in over 190 countries, more than 20 billion matches have now been found.

While being a flight attendant was an incredibly popular job for right swipes on female users, the profession didn’t feature at all in the Top Ten or male professions.  Instead, male paramedic’s received the most right swipes, while firefighters came in at number three and male lifeguards also featured in ninth place.

Meanwhile, other popular jobs for females included being nurse which came in at third place and dance teachers which took fifth place.  Perhaps, rather unusually, radiographers and nutritionists also made the female Top 10 – although, we say unusual because these professions don’t play into the usual gender stereotypes.

Unlike, of course, the role of cabin crew – still widely seen as a glamorous, beautiful and predominantly female orientated professional.  Oh, if only people really knew the truth – crippling jet lag, chronic tiredness, bloating, gas and fattening crew meals.

Then there’s the jealousy that so many partners have to deal with – something that not everyone can deal with.  Peel away the shiny veneer and there are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t want to date cabin crew.

Sadly, being a flight attendant is still steeped in decades-old gender stereotypes – often accompanied by the sexualisation of the role.  Take, for example, a recent survey by a U.S. flight attendant union which found that more than two-thirds of cabin crew had experienced sexual harassment during their flying careers.

Despite high profile attempts to break down these gender stereotypes, it’s clear more work needs to be done – after all, who would really want to date a flight attendant if they knew the truth?

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