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This Passenger Thought it Was Acceptable to Wear Just Boxer Shorts… Right or Wrong?

This Passenger Thought it Was Acceptable to Wear Just Boxer Shorts… Right or Wrong?

This Passenger Thought it Was Acceptable to Wear Just Boxer Shorts... Right or Wrong?

When you’re about to embark on a near 12-hour long-haul flight from Europe to the West Coast of the United States you definitely want to be comfortable – but maybe it’s possible to be just a little too comfortable.  At least that’s the question posed by Lizzie Thompson on her Twitter account yesterday.

Lizzie had just boarded an Air France plane at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris bound for Los Angeles when a man sat adjacent to her in the Economy cabin emerged from the restroom.  Much to Lizzie’s surprise, her seatmate had decided to make himself more comfortable by taking off his trousers to leave him wearing just boxer shorts.

Luckily, Lizzie decided to document the whole drama on Twitter – and of course, there was photographic evidence.

Now, don’t get us wrong – we don’t see anything wrong with people changing into comfy clothing but just wearing underwear is definitely pushing the limit.  Let’s not forget, this guy was sharing this space is over a hundred other strangers – this wasn’t his living room or bedroom and he definitely didn’t have the right to subject anyone else to his choice of very personal attire.

And while everyone else seemed too nervous or polite to challenge this guy, he didn’t seem to have such qualms.

Could or should the flight attendants done more to challenge the man and force him to cover his underwear?  Perhaps they thought that in the context of all the things they’ve seen this was actually quite tame.  Either way, they may well have just decided to let it play out rather than cause a possible confrontation by challenging the guy.

We’ve reached out to Air France to see whether they have an official take on this.  What’s your opinion?…

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