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Virgin Atlantic Introduces the “Worlds Most Sustainable Airline Amenity Kit”

Virgin Atlantic Introduces the “Worlds Most Sustainable Airline Amenity Kit”

Virgin Atlantic says it has created the “worlds most sustainable airline amenity kit” featuring a compostable bamboo toothbrush by BambuuBrush and paper pen, wrapped in a reusable kraft paper bag.

The airline will launch the new kits on its first Airbus A350 flights and then plans to roll them out across its network over the next few weeks and months.  There are two versions of the kit: one for Upper Class and a condensed version for Premium economy.

Photo Credit: Virgin Atlantic

“Ideally, we want to get to a point where we can personalise amenity kits and offer our customers only the items that they need,” explained the airline about its drive for sustainability.

Virgin Atlantic’s product manager, Katerina Orfanidi says most airline amenity contain an inexcusable amount of single-use plastic.  A concern for both the airline and a “new generation of clued-up, eco conscious consumers.”

Orfanidi explained:

“Our new aircraft have been a catalyst for change which has enabled us to question everything we carry and look at a new set of products that are sustainable but not a compromise on quality. We know our customers are going to love these items, and as a result, will be more likely to keep and reuse them.”

The Upper Class kit will contain:

  • Lip balm, hand and face moisturiser from REN
  • A bamboo toothbrush and miniature tube of toothbrush
  • Destination themed socks
  • A eyemask
  • Earplugs
  • And a pen

The condensed version for Premium Economy will forego both the REN beauty products and socks.  Some single-use plastic remains (like the miniature tubes of lotions and toothpaste) but a lot of effort has been made to cut it back as much as possible – even the earplugs are wrapped in paper rather than plastic.

Virgin Atlantic says the bags, despite being made of paper, are waterproof and reusable.

Elsewhere, the airline is introducing new loungewear for Upper Class and has decided to introduce a new duvet which doesn’t have a cover because “that’s one less thing to wash”.

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