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Air India Investigating After Flight Crew Failed to Report Severe Turbulence That Damaged Plane

Air India Investigating After Flight Crew Failed to Report Severe Turbulence That Damaged Plane

According to India’s ANI news agency, officials have started an investigation after the pilots and cabin crew on an Air India plane that suffered severe turbulence failed to report the incident.  The flight between New Dehli and Vijayawada got caught in a prolonged period of turbulence as thunderstorms swept through the region last Saturday.

But Air India apparently only became aware of what happened when photos from the flight were shared on social media.

Photo Courtesy ANI
Photo Courtesy ANI

In one photo taken from the back of the Airbus A320 single-aisle aircraft, meal trays have clearly been thrown through the air and still lay in the aisle where they came to rest.  In another photo, you can see that a lavatory has even come loose from the base as a result of the turbulence.

Thankfully, none of the passengers or crew were injured in the incident but despite the damage, it’s alleged that the crew failed to follow protocol and report what happened.  Air India has confirmed that it has opened an investigation.

A second Air India plane was also caught in severe turbulence on the same day and in that case, several members of cabin crew were injured.  The Airbus A321 from New Dehli to Cochin was grounded on arrival for four hours before being cleared again to fly.  The airline said that it was also investigating that incident but that the crew had immediately filed a report.

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