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Boeing Settles First 737MAX Lawsuits; Paying Out at Least $1.2 Million Per Victim

Boeing Settles First 737MAX Lawsuits; Paying Out at Least $1.2 Million Per Victim

Pressure Mounts On Boeing, FAA Despite Assurances of 737 MAX Air Worthiness

Boeing has reportedly settled lawsuits brought by 11 families of victims from the 29 October crash of Lion Air flight 610 that killed all 189 passengers and crew onboard.  The payouts are the first agreed between Boeing and lawyers who are representing the families of victims killed in accidents involving the aircraft manufacturer’s troubled 737MAX single-aisle plane.

Together with the 10 March crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, a total of 346 people were killed in both accidents involving Boeing’s 737MAX in less than six months.  The cause of both accidents has been pinned on faulty ‘angle of attack’ sensors, along with an associated software bug.

The aircraft remains grounded worldwide as Boeing attempts to persuade regulators that it has fixed the problem that brought down the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines planes.  Boeing has promised that the 737MAX will be one of the safest planes ever to fly once it is given the all-clear by aviation authorities.

It’s believed that Boeing has agreed to payout at least $1.2 million per victim.  The families were represented by the Wisner Law Firm, Chicago-based attorneys who specialise in aviation law.  The firm said it was “optimistic” that it could reach settlements in six more cases its lawyers were pursuing.

Boeing is facing at least 100 further lawsuits brought by victims in the Chicago Federal Court – the aerospace giant has its corporate headquarters in the city.

Earlier on Tuesday, Boeing reaffirmed its “commitment to safety” in light of the 737MAX tragedies but did not immediately comment on the reports it had settled some lawsuits.  The company did, however, say that it had set aside $50 million for immediate financial assistance for the families of victims from both accidents.

The families will receive around $144,500 each and will not have to waive their right to pursue further legal redress if they choose to accept the donation from Boeing.

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