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A Second Member of Korean Air Cabin Crew Has Tested Positive for COVID-19, 30 Crew Put Into Quarantine

A Second Member of Korean Air Cabin Crew Has Tested Positive for COVID-19, 30 Crew Put Into Quarantine

Korean Air

Korean Air has confirmed the news that a second member of its cabin crew has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The Yonhap news agency reported the 36-year old flight attendant had worked on the same flight between Los Angeles and Seoul Incheon on February 20 with another crew member who was later diagnosed with Coronavirus.

The crew member was one of 30 flight attendants who had been placed into quarantine after the first case was discovered on February 25. All of the other crew members have so far tested negative.

In a statement, Korean Air said it would place a further 30 flight attendants into quarantine in an attempt to prevent any further spread of the virus amongst the crew community.

Sources claim the two flight attendants who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 were working on separate decks of the Airbus A380 during flight KE12 from LAX to ICN on February 20. The two crew members apparently had minimal contact during the near 13-hour flight.

The first crew member is believed to have caught the virus during a religious pilgrimage to Israel earlier in February. Israel has since banned visitors from South Korea after a spike in cases in the country.

Latest figures suggest South Korea is the second-worst affected country after China with over 6,700 confirmed cases and 44 deaths.

Yesterday, Singapore Airlines confirmed a 47-year old male flight attendant had become the first member of crew to be diagnosed with COVID-19. He is said to be recovering well and self-quarantined at the onset of symptoms.

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