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Sources Claim Iberia is About to Shut Down Indefinitely as Spain Goes into Lockdown

Sources Claim Iberia is About to Shut Down Indefinitely as Spain Goes into Lockdown

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A number of sources have claimed Iberia is preparing to shut down its entire operation as of Tuesday night. If true, the complete halt would also include domestic flights and other destinations that have so far had limited exposure to Coronavirus.

In the last couple of days, the Spanish government placed the country in a form of lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Most shops and businesses have been shuttered and citizens are restricted to their homes unless going out to buy essential groceries or for work.

There had been speculation that the Spanish airport operated AENA was preparing for a complete halt on passenger flights, although this has not yet materialised.

Spain is one of the worst affected countries in Europe by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Iberia staffers have been told they will all be placed onto unpaid leave, although no redundancies have yet been confirmed. The sweeping temporary layoffs apply to nearly every business department.

Iberia has not yet confirmed the veracity of these reports. Part of the European aviation group IAG, Iberia is Spain’s largest airline and has an extensive route network in Latin and South America.

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