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Couple Accused of £90,000 Insurance Scam With Fake British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Flights

Couple Accused of £90,000 Insurance Scam With Fake British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Flights

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A couple have appeared at Southwark Crown Court in London accused of defrauding British Airways and Virgin Atlantic out of nearly £90,000 over a four year period. Allan Uchendu, 29, and Taleka White, 32 both intend to plead not guilty to a charge of fraud by false misrepresentation but a hearing on Tuesday was cut short so that Uchendu could be given an opportunity to get a lawyer.

During the initial hearing, the court heard how the couple allegedly made false insurance claims on flights they had never booked by submitting false tickets and giving made-up reasons for why they couldn’t catch the flight.

Prosecutor Suleman Hussain told the court the couple allegedly carried out the fraud on multiple occasions between February 2016 and January 2019. In the end, the insurance fraud bureau became suspicious and started to investigate the couple.

It’s claimed the couple managed to claim a total of £87,865.64 out of the insurance companies by claiming for missed flights that they had never even booked.

“These claims involve producing flight documents, e-voices, proof of purchases and return flights,” Hussain told the court in comments reported by Court News UK. “British Airways and Virgin confirmed the flights were not made”.

In one of the insurance claims, Hussain said the couple had told an insurance company they missed their flight because their vehicle broke down on the way to the airport. As a result, they were forced to buy new flight tickets.

It’s alleged the tickets were never booked and the documents submitted to the insurance company were all made up.

Along with being charged with fraud by false representation, the couple also stand accused of possessing articles used for fraud and using criminal property. The case has been adjourned to December 1.

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