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Explosive Laden Drone Attacked and Hit a Passenger Plane at a Saudi Arabian Airport

Explosive Laden Drone Attacked and Hit a Passenger Plane at a Saudi Arabian Airport

Saudi Arabia has accused Yemeni Houthi rebels of launching an attack on Abha International Airport using explosive-laden drones. Saudi military forces say they intercepted two of at least four drones that were used in the attack but one managed to breach the perimeter of the airport and attacked a civilian commercial aircraft operated by Saudi low-cost operator Flyadeal.

Abha is just 65 miles from the border with Yemen where a Saudi-led coalition is involved in a years-long armed conflict. Saudi Arabia and its allies back a unity government and have been accused of war crimes in their bid to drive out the Houthi rebels.

The Houthis are also accused of numerous war crimes and other atrocities in their bid to seize control of Yemen. The group were recently blamed for a terror attack at Aden airport in Yemen in which 22 people were killed and at least 50 more were wounded. An explosion ripped through the airport shortly after a plane arrived from Saudi Arabia carrying onboard Yemen’s newly formed government.

There were no reported injuries following the latest attack at Abha airport, although pictures soon emerged of damage inflicted to the Flyadeal operated Airbus A320 aircraft.

“A cowardly terrorist attack by the Houthi militia on Abha International Airport … A civilian plane within the airport grounds was exposed to a fire which was brought under control,” Saudi state media reported.

The Houthis have claimed responsbility, saying it was in response to continued “arial bombardment” in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition.

In 2019, Houthi rebels used military-sized drones and cruise missiles in an attack on two major oil facilities in Saudi Arabia that knocked out almost half the Kingdom’s oil production capabilities. Saudi Arabia blames Iran for supplying the Houthis with the military firepower capable of carrying out these attacks.

The Houthis have long had an interest in aviation-related targets and have repeatedly threatened Saudi Arabia and even the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with drone strikes on their commercial airports. In 2018, the Houthis claimed they had successfully carried out an attack at Abu Dhabi International Airport but officials dismissed the claims as completely fabricated.

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