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Air France Goes on its Very Own Tour De France in New In-Flight Safety Video

Air France Goes on its Very Own Tour De France in New In-Flight Safety Video

Flights may be largely grounded and the end to travel restrictions and border closures still up in the air but that uncertainty hasn’t stopped Air France from preparing for better times with a brand new safety video that is designed to showcase France as a destination – once the French government allows foreign tourists from outside the country to visit once again.

After all, pre-pandemic, France was the world’s number one destination for international tourists when nearly 90 million visitors descended on the country in 2018 alone. The French economy has suffered after tourism was put on hold as potential visitors were instead urged to stay at home (restez chez vous). Some estimates put the scale of tourism losses at between a staggering €48 billion and €61 billion Euros.

Working with the country’s tourism development agency, Air France has decided to take its passengers on a “musical stroll” through some of the most iconic and well-known scenes across France in its new safety video. And in doing so, hopefully, reignite our desire to visit the country as soon as we are allowed to do so.

Destinations featured in the video include the French Riveria, the vineyards of Provence, a cafe along the banks of the Seine, the Palace of Versaille and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

Along with acting as a “showcase of French culture” and an “invitation to travel” the new safety video includes important regulatory changes some six years after Air France last updated its safety briefing.

“With this new video, we are showcasing the best France has to offer in an emotionally engaging way,” explained Catherine Villar, senior vice president of customer experience at Air France.

“All our teams here at Air France are ready to welcome our customers and highlight this French lifestyle, which is so dear to us, as soon as they board our flights. We can’t wait to reopen the skies, flight after flight, with safety as our absolute and constant priority,” she continued.

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