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VIDEO: Woman On ‘No Fly List’ Goes Berserk at Frontier Check-in Counter as Her Child Pleads for Her to Stop

VIDEO: Woman On ‘No Fly List’ Goes Berserk at Frontier Check-in Counter as Her Child Pleads for Her to Stop

A woman who is apparently already on a ‘no-fly list’ for very good reason has been recorded lashing out at check-in staff and leaving a trail of destruction in the latest viral video of an unruly passenger at a U.S. airport. The incident allegedly occurred at the Frontier check-in desk at Orlando International Airport on Friday and has since gone viral.

Originally posted on the aptly named Reddit thread ‘Airport Freakout’ by user u/bbowell77 the video has since been viewed thousands of times with Reddit users expressing concern for the safety and wellbeing of the woman’s children who are seen pleading for her to stop.

“Dads friend sent him this from work. Evidently she was on the no fly list. This is just insane. I feel so bad for the kid’s though,” the original Redditor posted. It appears that after finding out she wouldn’t be allowed to travel, the woman takes out her frustration on the check-in staff.

“I need my ticket for tomorrow,” the woman tells someone on the phone before charging behind the check-in desk and then grabbing and throwing things.

“F*** outta here, b***h, f*** with me!” the woman scream as her child looks on. “F*** with me! Go ahead,” the woman continues ignoring her child’s pleas for her to stop.

At one point, the woman picks up a metal pole and wields it at the check-in desk as if she is about to throw it at the desk or even the check-in staff. She soon drops the pole but starts throwing other things before a security guard arrives and takes hold of her.

“Man that was hard to watch. Those poor kids are terrified while their mother, the person they depend on for everything, loses total control of herself and seems to try to get arrested. She needs to get her anger issues in control before she ruins the lives of those kids,” one Redditor said after watching the video.

Another commentator wrote: “As someone who’s been married for 4 decades to a woman who grew up in a family like this, I can assure you…those scars are there for life.”

Last week, Transportation Security Administrator David Pekoske urged travelers to remain calm ahead of what is expected to be an exceptionally busy weekend for air travel saying passengers should “pack their patience and remain calm”.

“Please help us make travel safe, secure and pleasant on this holiday weekend,” Pekoske continued.

It’s unlikely that the woman was on the federal no-fly list as this is reserved for terror suspects but she may have been banned from traveling with Frontier following an earlier incident. The airline has been contacted for comment.

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    • Racist. She clearly has mental issues. While she should reap the consequences of her actions, there are plenty of crazy white folks in the world too.

  • Those kids need to be put some place safe while mom gets some clearly needed help.

    That baby girl crying was heartbreaking. She was absolutely terrified.

    I truly hope the Mom gets some in patient help and they have family that is more stable to care for them.

    Nothing about that was okay.

  • This was truly heartbreaking for that baby girl…sadly the other child seems unfazed by it can only hope its not because this is regular behaviour…
    this woman needs anger management and ger kids most definately should be in therapy..god bless that seeet baby girl🙏

  • So sad! The woman clearly needs mental help. I agree with the person that commented she needs inpatient service. Probably some psych medications also. I for one am on psych meds and luckily they are working. Pharmaceuticals can be a Godsend.

  • What a tramp, doing that in front of those children, she has no respect for them and I hope that they are taken from her and put with loving people.

  • This person obviously has anger and/or mental health issues, I pray she gets the help she needs and that her children also get help for what will be lifetime issues…..

  • Since this is not her 1st time doing this, they need to lock her up and throw away the key! Then find a good home for those poor kids.

  • You definitely do not want a loose cannon like her on a plane. She is desperately in need of psychiatric care and her kids need counciling and a safe home. My heart breaks for all three of them frankly.

  • Well she’s definitely not getting OFF the “no-fly” list anytime in the next decade or two or three.

    Woman is low-class, low-IQ, and utterly bonkers. A shame she procreated and made babies but they will hopefully be much, much smarter than their mother.

    Shameful and ugly stupidity.

  • You’re article is false. It was not the mother of the children who said “F*** with me” etc. That’s clearly the worker saying that. Dusty ear fcks.

    And shame on that mother.

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