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Air India Airbus A320 Airplane Got Jammed Underneath Highway Bridge in Delhi

Air India Airbus A320 Airplane Got Jammed Underneath Highway Bridge in Delhi

An old Airbus A320 airplane got jammed underneath a bridge over the Delhi-Gurugram highway, just outside Delhi airport early on Sunday morning.

It turns out that the plane, which was still sporting its Air India livery, had been sold by the airline was being transported to its new home when the accident happened.

With its wings removed, the old A320 jet had been strapped to a low loader but it appears that the driver misjudged the clearance of the overpass.

A spokesperson for Air India was quick to point out that the airline wasn’t responsible for the traffic jam that the accident quickly caused.

“This is an old, scrapped aircraft which has already been sold off by us. There is no additional information as it involves the person to whom it has been sold off,” a statement from the airline explained.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time an airplane has got stuck underneath a highway bridge in India reports the Times of India. In 2019, an old India Post plane got stuck underneath a bridge in Durgapur.

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