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Woman Whips Out Her Own Microphone During Delta Air Flight to Share Her COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

Woman Whips Out Her Own Microphone During Delta Air Flight to Share Her COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

Flight attendants on a New York-bound Delta Air Lines flight had bright yellow plasticuffs at the ready as they attempted to subdue a woman who set up her own microphone to start sharing a COVID-19 conspiracy theory with the entire aircraft cabin.

A female flight attendant is seen demanding that the woman sits down immediately but the passenger ignores her commands and berates the rest of the plane.

The woman becomes increasingly agitated when the flight attendant says that she could be handcuffed if she does not sit down and stop disrupting the flight. A short time later, another flight attendant appears armed with plasticuffs cut the passenger has turned around and doesn’t see how close she is to being handcuffed.

In the end, the original flight attendant manages to manhandle the woman down the aircraft aisle helped by an unidentified male. It remains unclear how the incident concluded.

The video was captured by TikTock member and musician @Jawny who said he bought an inflight WiFi pass just to share what was happening. The fact that Jawny had the time to purchase WiFi before streaming the incident would suggest the woman had been acting unruly for some time before events escalated to her being threatened with handcuffs.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Delta told us: “The safety of our customers and employees are always our top priority. We are aware of the video and appreciate the swift thinking of our flight crew who actioned their extensive training to safely deescalate the situation.”

“The flight continued to JFK and landed on-time without incident.”

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