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Cabin Crew Look On as West Ham Fans Subject Jewish Man to Anti-Semetic Abuse On Ryanair Flight

Cabin Crew Look On as West Ham Fans Subject Jewish Man to Anti-Semetic Abuse On Ryanair Flight

A Jewish man was subjected to horrific anti-Semitic abuse as he boarded a recent Ryanair flight in London. The victim was forced to walk along the aisle towards the back of the plane in search of an open seat as a group of men chanted an anti-Semitic slogan, apparently because the victim was wearing traditional Orthodox Jewish attire.

The men have been identified as West Ham football supporters who were travelling on the Belgium bound flight to support their team who were playing against Genk in the Europa League on Thursday.

West Ham has condemned the supporters seen in the video which circulated on social media and says they now face a lifetime ban from attending the club’s home ground in East London.

“West Ham United is appalled by the contents of the video circulating on social media and condemn the behaviour of the individuals involved. The club is liaising with the airline and relevant authorities to identify the individuals,” read a statement from the club.

“We continue to be unequivocal in our stance – we have a zero-tolerance approach to any form of discrimination. Any individuals identified will be issued with an indefinite ban from the club. Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the football club and we do not welcome any individuals who do not share those values.”

A member of cabin crew appeared to be standing in the aisle as the men started their anti-Semitic chant but it’s not known whether the airline took any immediate action against the perpetrators.

Ryanair has been contacted for comment.

According to the Community Security Trust (CST), reports of anti-semitism in London hit record highs earlier this year. Around half of the reports were linked to Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip.

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  • Americans find things like this shocking but this is par for the course in Europe, where hatred of Jews is a tradition that has continued for 1000+ years, only slightly abated for the past few decades by the fact that after exterminating its Jews during WWII there were fewer Jews around to hate. The only unusual thing about this is that it was caught on video.

  • Christian values of Europe….Old World Culture….YEAH RIGHT….Ignorant, stupid, hateful people. Key interests: BEER, more BEER, WHISKEY, BEER, some football, and a good fight.

    • In the span of less than two generations, Northern England and Scotland have gone from the richest places in the world, to among the poorest, with the lowest quality of life, lowest life expectancy, and highest levels of drug and alcohol abuse and their attendant social malignancies – what would be considered a 3rd World level of development if they were located anywhere else. Certainly nothing to be proud of . . . which is why they need scapegoats.

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