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Lufthansa Starts Charging Passengers for Snacks and Liquor on Long-Haul Flights

Lufthansa Starts Charging Passengers for Snacks and Liquor on Long-Haul Flights

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Lufthansa will start charging Economy and Premium Economy passengers on long-haul flights for mid-flight snacks and liquor beginning December 1 as the airline looks to recoup more of its pandemic losses.

Justifying the cutbacks, Lufthansa said that rather than trying to save costs, the new ‘buy on board’ service was how the airline was”responding to the different needs of guests when it comes to choosing food and beverages on board”.

Lufthansa will continue to offer a three-course main meal on long-haul routes, as well as a cold vegetarian snack before landing but passengers will have to pay if they want to sate their appetite at any other time.

“Especially between meals, guests’ wishes are very individual – Lufthansa is meeting this demand now with a wider selection,” a spokesperson said on Tuesday as the German flag carrier tried to put a positive spin on the move.

Along with making passengers pay for mid-flight snacks, the supposedly ‘five star’ rated airline is going to axe free liquor for non-premium passengers. Popular liquors like gin and rum will cost €6, while ‘premium’ liquors like Grey Goose vodka and Dewar’s whiskey will cost €7.

The new onboard menu will be introduced on 37 long-haul routes to and from Germany and North America, South America, Asia and South Africa from December 1. By next Spring, the snack bar will have been extended across Lufthansa’s entire long-haul route network.

Earlier this year, Lufthansa cut free snacks and drinks for Economy Class passengers on short-haul routes in favour of a buy on board service, while the airline is also trying to sell spare seats on long-haul flights by introducing a ‘sleepers row’.

A spokesperson said the short-haul buy on board had so far proved “very popular”. The buy on board offer on both short-haul and long-haul flights will be known as “Onboard Delights”.

Lufthansa noted that it will continue offering a selection of complimentary non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages on long-haul flights including wine and beer. The buy on board menu includes light snacking options like crisps, Haribo sweets and cookies.

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  • Just like the baggage fees, this policy is likely here to stay well after the recovery. Foreign carriers are joining the American carriers in the race to the bottom.

  • This will be the final nail in the coffin for them, then. Passengers are getting fedup of being ripped off. Fortunately there are many other airlines and the ones giving value for money, will be the ones growing

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