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Qatar Airways is Getting in the Festive Spirit… Just Don’t Mention Christmas

Qatar Airways is Getting in the Festive Spirit… Just Don’t Mention Christmas

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Happy Holidays and Yule Tidings, we hope you are getting in the generic festive spirit. Qatar Airways is welcoming the ‘Holiday Season’ onboard its aircraft and its airport lounges this year but whatever you do just don’t mention Christmas.

Between December 19 and 26, Qatar Airways passengers are invited to “experience the warmth of the (unspecified) season” with a Turkey dinner, a holiday-themed mocktail and an indulgent ‘festive pudding’.

The Holiday cheer will be available on flights to Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, as well as Lebanon and ‘select’ destinations in Africa and Asia – essentially, any destination where Christmas is widely celebrated. But don’t mention Christmas.

Qatar Airways will be decorating some lounges with ‘seasonal décor’ and aeroplane cabins will be adorned with holiday-themed headrest covers. Traditional Christmas tree ornaments are part of the theme but there won’t be any Christmas trees in sight.

Interestingly, regional rival Emirates has dropped any pretences around Christmas and has embraced the holiday in all its glory.

“As the largest international airline serving customers from all over the world, Emirates takes pride in connecting people and cultures,” the airline announced last week as it unveiled its Christmas menus and themed celebrations.

As it has done for the past few years, Emirates cabin crew will even be allowed to wear Christmas themed head adornments and Santa hats on the big day itself. The festive fun doesn’t quite extend that far at Qatar Airways.

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  • Thanks for posting this. I have always thought of the irony of Islamic-influenced airlines that try to have their cake and eat it also. I really laugh when they market Thanksgiving-themed flights since this is really a Christian and American-founded holiday. Nothing celebrates the birth of Jesus like getting on a Middle Eastern airline that tells you on the IFE which direction to face when praying while wearing a Santa hat. Jeremy Clarkson would be proud.

  • As a non-Christian I have no problem wishing someone a Merry Christmas (or being wished the same). I hope you’d have no issue with someone wishing you a Happy Saturnalia or Good Solstice either!

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