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Air India Cabin Crew Have Been Banned From Airport Duty Free Shops Because it’s Holding Up Flights

Air India Cabin Crew Have Been Banned From Airport Duty Free Shops Because it’s Holding Up Flights

Air India cabin crew have been ordered to steer clear of airport Duty Free shops because they are spending so much time shopping that they are delaying flight departures.

The order comes just a couple of weeks after Indian conglomerate Tata Sons took Air India into private ownership for the first time in decades. The Indian government has been trying to offload the loss-making carrier for years and its new owners are focusing on some quick fixes to turn Air India around.

Top of the agenda, it appears, is Air India’s woeful on-time performance – a metric of how many flights actually depart at or within a close range of the scheduled time. Cabin crew have immediately come under the spotlight for causing unnecessary delays.

As well as a new shopping ban, cabin crew have also been told not to wear so much jewellery as they pass through airport security as the amount of metal is causing many crew members to be plucked out of the line for time-consuming secondary security checks.

Once they are finally on board the aircraft, crew have been ordered to forego eating or drinking until passengers have boarded so that they are available in the cabin to help stow luggage and get the boarding process moving.

Cabin crew have also been reminded not to delay boarding if it can be helped and to get the main cabin door closed as soon as possible.

Just before Air India was privatised, the airline upset cabin crew by introducing new ‘weight police’ who have been told to pluck crew out of the check-in line and subject them to BMI checks.

The measure is part of updated uniform and grooming guidelines that have been introduced in an attempt to make crew look more professional.

A cabin crew union warned that subjecting flight attendants to weight checks just before departure could have a detrimental effect on their mental health.

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  • Cabin crew should be encouraged to go for fitness as and when they can.At least 2-3 times a week. Provide free membership and provide points based on health.
    MOST cabin crew drink a lot of Alcohol and after drinks eat fatty fatty food.

  • Time the publice sector mentality is washed off quickly n the private sector mentality is adopted.
    TATA ‘s are very good; walk with them for growth or drop out….

  • Indian cabin crew are generally rude, and think because they work for an airline they can do as they please.
    Hopefully TATA in control these attitudes can change.

    • I’m sure many would attest to this with their own horrid experiences. Air India crew is astonishingly rude to the point you wonder how can they say something like this.
      My own experience, I was once told by a male cabin crew member “tu niche mil tujhe dikhata hun” on my flight from the states to india

  • The delays of AI due to staffs spending time on duty free shops is astonishing. Till now how did the management tolerated this attitude? It shows, the mismanagement from top to bottom, was responsible, not of one section. Will airline reimburse 10% of cost for delay in departure & arrival for no fault of travellers? If a traveller is not reported within the stipulated time, he/she is barred from flying! Biggest success for Tata Air India airline will be ONLY time adherence. The company should deduct money from salary for any deviance in timely take off and arrival.

  • So l took the AI direct flight to India this November, can definitely say it was one of the worst flight. Staff is rude, uncaring and inattentive. Once you board flight, within 1 hour they will literally throw the pre packaged refreshment on you, then after 1/2 an hour they will give you worst possible food, after that literally for 10 hours the flight attendants will not even show their faces. I saw people taking water, juices, snacks themselves from the pantry. Nobody cared. Flight attendants were not dressed well, did not look on the same level as their counterparts from other Airlines. Both ways the flight was late. I’ll wait at least 2-3 years to take Air India flight again because I know Tata will certainly bring up the standards of its staff.

  • Sorry I cant believe de story..first of oll I will blame de blody reporter..not even tata. No chance..someone can try to spoiling good de emage of tata . .because air india how mush service giving for international flight n local flight..I anm a experienced please tata is giving nyce service….so very happy to travel first time with air india under tata..affraid to travel airindia a old model bus my native

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