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Russia is Trying But Failing to Circumvent Western Sanctions to Get Spare Aircraft Parts

Russia is Trying But Failing to Circumvent Western Sanctions to Get Spare Aircraft Parts

The Russian government is trying to circumvent Western sanctions to obtain spare aircraft parts but has already been rebuffed by China according to an official at Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency. He has since been sacked for leaking inside information which is sure to have embarrassed and infuriated the Kremlin.

Russia is now trying to get hold of spare parts for its European and U.S.-built aircraft from Turkey and India. Both countries could be hit by Western sanctions if they choose to supply the restricted parts to Russia.

Russian airlines operate around 500 foreign-built and leased aircraft that require ongoing maintenance and support. Western sanctions bar companies from providing Russian airlines with any support or spare parts for these aircraft and Russia is unlikely to have a large stockpile of parts to keep servicing these planes for any length of time.

On Monday, President Vladimir Putin signed into law a new bill that allows Russian airlines to nationalise foreign leased aircraft for domestic flights. Russia has already stopped international flights over fears that lessors will reclaim the planes once they land on foreign soil.

Russia has effectively stolen billions of dollars worth of leased aircraft and has changed rules to keep the planes flying even with international registration documents revoked and insurance cancelled.

In the medium to long term, flying these aircraft could pose a serious safety risk because of the lack of maintenance and ongoing support.

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