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JetBlue is Being Sued By a Kosher Certification Company For Selling Food as Kosher When it Probably Wasn’t

JetBlue is Being Sued By a Kosher Certification Company For Selling Food as Kosher When it Probably Wasn’t

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JetBlue is facing a lawsuit from one of the biggest Kosher food certification companies in the United States over allegations that the airline sold food that it claimed was Kosher using a ‘spurious’ and ‘unauthorized’ Kosher trademark.

In fact, the company behind the lawsuit, New Jersey-based Kof-K says it has no record of ever certifying the food product in question as Kosher – which raises the possibility that JetBlue was selling food marked as Kosher when it wasn’t Kosher at all.

Kof-K is one of the so-called ‘Big Five’ Kosher certification companies in the United States – food producers pay the likes of Kof-K to inspect the ingredients and equipment used in food production to make sure its Kosher. In return, they get to use the Kof-K trademark on the food packaging.

Most consumers who adhere to a Kosher diet look out for recognizable Kosher trademarks likes the Kof-K logo to make sure what they are eating is, in fact, Kosher.

Along with many Jewish people, Kof-K says vegans and health conscious look out for a Kosher symbol on food products because they believe the products have been produced with better quality ingredients and to a higher standard.

As the lawsuit puts it, what makes something Kosher is so complex that many consumers are unable to tell without the use of a trademark from a certification company which has done the hard yards for them.

The ‘unauthorized’ food in question was a pack of bail and thyme flavored artichokes in a $9 ‘SavorUp’ snack pack which was available to purchase on many JetBlue flights.

JetBlue says the lawsuit was the first time it became aware of a problem.

“The recent complaint filed is the first we were made aware of Kof-K’s trademark concern. We are currently investigating their claims,” a spokesperson said.

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