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TAP Air Portugal Plane Mows Down Motorcycle As it Comes Into Land, Killing Rider and Passenger

TAP Air Portugal Plane Mows Down Motorcycle As it Comes Into Land, Killing Rider and Passenger

Two people were killed in a freak accident on Friday night after an Airbus A320 jet operated by TAP Air Portugal collided with the motorcycle they were both on as the plane was coming into land.

The Portuguese flag carrier says it “deeply regrets” what happened on Friday and has shared its “heartfelt condolences” with the families and friends of the two victims.

Gruesome photos shared on social media show remnants of the motorcycle after it collided with one of the blood-splattered aircraft engines. Parts of the bike were still attached to the engine after it was dragged along the runway.

The accident occurred on Friday night after TAP Air flight TP1492 was coming into land at Conakry International Airport in Guinea after what was otherwise a routine four-hour flight from Lisbon.

As the roughly 18-month-old aircraft touched down on the runway, the motorbike suddenly crossed the path of the plane and was sucked towards the right-hand engine. Both rider and passenger were immediately killed.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Guinea has opened an investigation into the tragic accident, and the airport has confirmed that the rider was a security guard tasked with keeping the airport perimeter secure.

“An investigation conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority of Guinea (AGAC), with the support of the Department of Safety and Protection (SOGEAC), is underway to investigate the causes and responsibilities of the parties involved,” the airport said in a statement.

A spokesperson for TAP said, “all safety procedures were complied with, but still, it was not possible to avoid the said accident”.

“TAP is naturally collaborating with local authorities to investigate the circumstances that led to this unfortunate situation,” the statement continued.

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