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Influencer Flight Attendant With 3.5 Million Followers is Briefly Banned From TikTok After Colleagues Bombard Platform With Complaints

Influencer Flight Attendant With 3.5 Million Followers is Briefly Banned From TikTok After Colleagues Bombard Platform With Complaints

A flight attendant and social media influencer with more than 3.5 million followers had her account briefly closed down by TikTok after hundreds of flight attendants bombarded the platform with complaints about the content she was posting.

Cierra Huffman, who goes by the name Cierra Mistt on social media, was last known to be working for Republic Airways, a regional carrier that operates services on behalf of American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

In recent weeks, Cierra has had her content featured across the tabloid press where she shared supposed but highly dubious ‘travel hacks‘ like booking a flight on Tuesday to get the cheapest deal and choosing a seat at the very back of the aircraft in the hope of getting upgraded to First Class.

The seemingly harmless content, however, has attracted the ire of a growing number of flight attendants across the industry who have accused Cierra of “spreading false information” and giving the flight attendant profession a bad name.

Controversially, Cierra has posted videos with tips on how passengers can join the ‘mile high club‘ without flight attendants noticing and one post went viral when she said that she would hang out with passengers after a flight if they were “hot”.

“Yes, flight attendants and pilots during our layovers we don’t only hang out with each other, we actually hang out a lot of times with our passengers,” Cierra said in the video.

“Whether it be a really hot guy or girl, or just a fun group of people, if you invite us to go hang out with you guys chances are we’re totally down.”

Cierra added: “In fact, I have a tonne of spicy stories that I could tell you about the passenger interactions I’ve personally had… but, I can’t do it on here.”

It has also been reported that Cierra has insinuated that flight attendants and pilots have sex mid-flight but what may have got her banned from TikTok was an allegation that she was using content from other influencers without their permission.

She has even stoked controversy over why some flight attendants won’t help passengers stow their baggage and raised questions about the safety of drinking tea and coffee onboard an airplane.

Cierra started her flight attendant career with Republic Airways in September 2021 and quickly started posting flight attendant content. In a recent response video, Cierra implored her detractors to “get a life”.

“The only thing that these comments are showing me is how bored you are, how jealous you are, how insecure you are. Get a life. I will continue to say whatever I want”.

However, Cierra no longer works for Republic, although she insists she is still working in the industry and say she respects her new employer’s social media policy.

“While it wasn’t ever a secret that I don’t work for my first airline anymore, I’m still very much, 100000% an active flight attendant,” Cierra said earlier this month.

“long story short: I’m still a flight attendant which is why I still post flight attendant content… I’m just not dumb enough to post in my company’s uniform/be affiliated specifically so that I can still post about my life and other jobs w/o having to worry about corporate approval or repercussions,” she continued.

Although some flight attendants have taken a serious disliking to Cierra’s content, many others have defended her right to post content of her choosing and have asked their colleagues to back down.

This article has been updated to reflect the fact that Cierra Huffman’s main TikTok account has been reinstated by the social media giant.

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  • Well, there’s always OnlyFans. When are morons going to get tired of watching all these stupid TikTok videos? It’s like a plague on society not to mention the Chinese influence and spying through that platform.

  • I’d be justifiably angry at her if I was flight crew. She might be fine hanging out with the spicy passengers after a flight, or scheming a seat, or fooling around aboard a flight. But the message she puts out gives the impression that all flight attendants and pilots would be okay with this behavior, and passengers can be entitled to the extra attention. No. Flight crew deserve to be treated with respect, they deserve the right to go home for some sleep after their flight legs are done for the day, and they’re not all open for fun and socializing, because they’re NOT your friends unless they choose to be.
    I hope she gets some consequences for her actions. She can be the spicy FA on social media, but she shouldn’t act like she represents the intentions or actions of any flight crews.

    • Agreed, given the disrespectful behavior of passengers toward crew members, the last thing the industry needs is this knucklehead spreading nonsense over social media platforms that only makes a crew member’s job even more difficult. She’s right in that she can say anything she wants BUT saying stupid things for attention has consequences. Looks like those consequences already started to affect her narcissistic ways.

    • Exactly! My daughter is a flight attendant for a major airline. The number of creepy guys harassing her on flights increased drastically after this twit became popular. There’s been serveral occasions where she’s had to ask for a security escort or hung around in an employees only area to get away from a guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer. One actually had the audacity to tell her “stop acting like you don’t party and have sex with passengers all the time”. This childish, narciscistic woman is endangering other people’s lives just because she wants attention.

  • Another bimbo “influencer” because she shows cleavage. That’s all it takes today for the social media geeks to jump on the bandwagon. The future will be even worse.

  • DaninMCI — right you are. The Chinese WANT to destroy us from within. Their TikTok is heavily regulated and must conform to strict Communist values. Ours is a playground of idiots — just what the Chinese want to encourage.

    • She’s not even a flight attendant anymore and hasn’t been for a while. She was fired a while back. Probably for violating social media policies.

      A lot of the stuff she says isn’t even accurate. Can we all please stop giving her the attention?

  • I agree social media is garbage but if people want to do it then they have every right to post whatever they want as long as it isn’t violent content! I work for the airline industry and while i don’t work as a flight attendant i have dated a few and then eventually married one and know stuff likes this goes on as my wife dated a pilot before meeting me but if it offends you then she is right, people need to get a life!

  • Republic airlines only operates small regional jets which do not have crew rest bunks. little liyer promiscuous girl.

  • Such ridiculous and ambiguous “journalism”. You began your article with “hundreds of flight attendants bombarded….”, then close with “some flight attendants have taken a disliking…” , “many others have defended her right…”
    In my world, many is more than some….so which is it? We’re there more people supporting her or in disagreement? If there were more in support, wouldn’t you highlight that point as apposed to making the minority “some” the greater subject?
    You confuse the reader with your choice of words, which leave at least this person with more questions than answers. Perhaps a good thing in journalism if the questions weren’t pertaining to the language and not the content.
    As for the flight attendant….good! She should act like an adult, because she is one. She, along with all of her supporters will learn (hopefully) someday that you have a right to speak, but that right comes with consequences. The content of your speech will determine for better or worse. The company held her accountable, as did many of her colleagues. Welcome to adulting, lady! And no, rarely am I jealous, and never over a promiscuous loud mouth.

  • This little chicky poo is clearly making the videos the way she is purely for views. In other words, she’s doing it for nothing but fame & money. Gee, what nice cleavage you’re showing us young lady. Why yes, sex does continue to sell, even in the #me too era! I’m surprised you’re not showing a seriously hiked up skirt and some leg… or even some bikini shots from the pool area. Gotta get the view count up ya know!

    I worked for what is now the world’s biggest airline for 20 years and while I’m retired, I remember things quite well from my time there. I would tend to agree with those folks who say she’s doing nothing but giving her fellow employees a bad name. Example? I’m not saying that pilots or flight attendants don’t fool around because it happens… but they do it at the hotel – not on the jets! If you fool around on the job and get caught, you get fired. Do it at the hotel and nothing happens w/your job. That’s your personal time but the truth is that most pilots and flight attendants never fool around at all. To suggest they all belong to the mile high club is complete fallacy. Isolated fraternization with passengers is forbidden while on the job. An airline cannot stop you from seeing someone off the job but they certainly can set work rules as long as you’re wearing that uniform. The bit about getting upgraded into 1st class by sitting in the last seat section in coach is total BS. If there’s a W & B issue, that’s solved at the load desk in operations – NOT by the flight attendants. What she said is total horse manure! W & B is actually done long before the passengers are boarded and is often done long before the plane is even on the ground. If there is an issue with W & B, boarding won’t take place until it’s corrected. In the off chance passengers need to be reseated, it’ll still be done by the load planner or at the gate. The F/As will be TOLD what to do. As for crew rest, whether or not there is a special rest section depends on the plane but those jets are always wide body aircraft – not regional jets. They also tend to be jets that were built in the last 10 years which are used on long intl flights, at least for the sleeping section that she displayed after going up the short semi-spiral staircase.

    I get the feeling that this girl is very young, fairly inexperienced and is often desperate for attention. She practically has “Look at me! Look at me!” stamped on her forehead. What I wonder at this point is if she got canned for doing social media on the jets? Some other violation of company policy? Perhaps she just wasn’t doing her job to begin with? With whatever the truth is, I’d wager good money she serves as an example of what NOT to do!

  • If you travel often, then you already know about most of the hacks that can improve your flight, cruise, hotel stay, and get discounts. There’s plenty of people on YouTube who also have similar videos. And I’m sure that there might be the occasional stewardess or pilot who might hang out with a passenger (s) they might see staying at the same hotel as them.
    As far as her showing cleavage and hiked up hemlines, that’s just her working the crowd to get more views.
    Whatever video platform, there’s always going to be haters to try to take you down.
    You people need to get a life.

  • What today’s crowd doesn’t get…Freedom of Speech is just that. You can post whatever you want, and if it hurts your feelings, tough luck, don’t follow her or read her post, simple! That’s what being and adult is about, doing the childish cancel culture is nothing more than showing the pettiness of people to bully! Nothing more!

    • What YOUR crowd doesn’t get is that “Freedom of speech” doesn’t mean what you think it does. It doesn’t apply to a PRIVATELY owned social media platform with rules and guidelines which you have to agree to before posting.

    • It is freedom of speech. Not freedom from consequences. That’s what free speech absolutist don’t get. You are able to say whatever you want but private platforms are not beholden to laws specific to your country.

      A flight attendant acting incredibly unprofessional and talking about sex with passengers and pilots and making ridiculous claims is called misinformation or at worst admittance of breaking a ton of her own regulations.

      So, will you respect my pronouns if that free speech is so precious? No? Then I don’t have to respect your ignorant nonsense.

    • Everyone gets the freedom of speech wrong it says
      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
      The government can not tell anyone to shut up untill you do what our former president did but as a company/employer or owner of a property I can tell you to shut up or your fired/kicked of my land and there is nothing you can do about it!

  • Hate to break it to you but she hasn’t been a flight attendant for a long time. It was let go for sharing known crew member secrets. She’s a laughing stock of flight attendants.

  • She is another one of these young women who want to be trendy with “look at me, look at me” posts, videos, etc….
    What a world.

  • I know it’s not sexy, but flight attendants job is to ensure the safety of the passengers, first and foremost. It’s a tough, physical job by all accounts. My mom had to learn how to physically subdue a threat as part of her training. Doesn’t mean you can’t have fun too, but I understand why people would be annoyed with this woman. Anything that makes a hard job harder, or more likely for them to be harassed, has got to be frustrating.

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